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Sell more and sell smarter with Sellery. Intelligent repricing strategies help you win the Buy Box.

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Win the Buy Box.

Everyone thinks they know the secret to winning the Buy Box. Some think it’s algorithms and others believe that staying within 2% of the competition is a can’t miss trick.

Sellery doesn’t rely on gimmicks, tricks and secret strategies. Instead Sellery gives you the tools to run your own pricing experiments, helping you compete for the Buy Box and maximize profits when you’ve won the Buy Box.

Use different strategies when you have the Buy Box, when Amazon owns the Buy Box or when another 3rd-party seller owns the Buy Box.

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead.

Stay one step ahead of your competition, literally, with real-time repricing.

Don’t just react when a competitor wins the buybox or the lowest spot in the offers list – prevent them from ever getting it.

Smart, Agile and Dynamic, Just Like You.

Stop spending countless hours assigning the right pricing to each of your items.

Our smart list filters dynamically assign the right strategy to the right item as soon as its conditions change.

Their flexibility is nothing short of amazing, allowing for hundreds of unique combinations which allow you to truly personalize your strategy.

Avoid Pricing Mistakes.

Reduce pricing mistakes with Sellery’s automated, item-specific floor price calculation. For Sellery to come up with a “minimum price”, all it needs is your item’s cost.

Sellery factors in everything else – Amazon fees, FBA and shipping costs, the margin or markup you want – to come up with a truly individualized and accurate minimum price which keeps you flexible and, most importantly, profitable.

Be Seen.

Explore the effects of repricing using Sellery’s on-demand, per-item pricing preview.

In Sellery, as you create new pricing rules, pick any item in your inventory and preview your pricing strategies in real time.

Increased insight helps you refine your strategies and prevent mistakes.

Sell With Confidence.

Stop worrying about what’s going on with repricing, your items, your Amazon account or your competitors.

Sellery delivers custom information about them as you want it, when you want it.

Our exports feature leverages the incredible flexibility of smart lists to deliver insights into your inbox on a set schedule, or on demand.

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