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Quick Q4 Sales Tax Tips for Amazon FBA Sellers

sales tax


Q4 is here, and, for online sellers, that means putting all the plans in place for a record breaking sales season. That also means setting up systems and automation so you don’t end up spending your precious time troubleshooting preventable issues, like sales tax problems. Double check these four potential sales tax issues in your Amazon account now, so you can sail into Q4 prepared for anything the season throws at you!


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Get Set for the Amazon Shopping Season

Amazon shopping season


With only weeks to go before Black Friday, we’re all eager to make the most of these pivotal moments. But before we send in those last purchase orders, let’s take a look at last year’s Amazon shopping season. To see if there is anything we can take away from Black Friday 2016.



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Restricted Items Identification with Profit Bandit

restricted items Profit Bandit

Veteran arbitrageurs who sell on Amazon are all too familiar with the growing number of restricted items. Some of these restrictions are absolute and render a product unsellable in all situations. Yet others are specific to circumstance and can be worked around. What’s important is to know the status of an item before you decide to sell it on Amazon. Even more important, before you spend your dollars investing in quantity to sell on Amazon you later find out cannot be moved at all. Profit Bandit can help you with this.


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Get Ready for the Amazon Holiday Rush

Amazon Holiday Rush



As Q4 draws near and the back-to-school hype tapers off, we need to look ahead to Black Friday and the Amazon holiday rush season. To get ready and make the most of the much-anticipated sales extravaganza, we’ve put together a few more handy tips for you.


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Connecting a Bluetooth Scanner to Profit Bandit for iPhone

**This post was updated 3/13/217


Connecting a bluetooth scanner to Profit Bandit is easier than you might think. Today I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to connect Profit Bandit to your iPhone. Tomorrow, I’ll post the same instructions for Android users.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. An iPhone running iOS 7.1.2 or above (Note: this doesn’t mean an iPhone 7. Profit Bandit will run on any iPhone 4S or later)
  2. Profit Bandit with an enabled Bluetooth add-on. Tap the puzzle piece icon profit bandit settings button in Profit Bandit and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. A scanfob. Most of our users use the OPN-2002 or the SerialIO Scanfob 2002.
  4. The instructions that came with your Scanfob. I’ll be connecting an OPN-2002 and will be using these instructions. You’ll need to print them out in order to scan the barcodes on them.
  5. Any item with a barcode to test that everything’s working.

Let’s get started:

1. Navigate to your iPhone’s settings and then Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is on as shown here:

turn on Bluetooth on iphone

2. Scan the HID Keyboard Mode Barcode found on your instructions.

scan code opticon

3. Hold down the Clear/Function key on the scanner for 5-10 seconds or until a blue light begins flashing. It’s the smaller of the two buttons on the scanner.

option scanner

5. Your phone should discover the scanner (OPN-2005/2006 scanners may not ask for a PIN):

find opticon scanner

5. And ask you to enter a PIN. Because of the next step, you’ll see that it’s easiest to choose 0000.

Select a PIN

6. From your instructions, scan the list of barcodes with numbers next to them to scan 0000 and then scan END. Take care not to scan any other numbers.


7. You should now see that your scanner is connected:


8. Return to Profit Bandit and scan your test item. Note that for your first scan you may need to select the manual search box before scanning. This should not be necessary for the rest of your scans.

9. While your bluetooth scanner is connected in keyboard mode, it will prevent the keyboard from popping up on the screen. To enable the keyboard just tap the small function/clear key on your scanner.

Please let me know if you have any trouble following these directions!

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+Paul Cole