A Brief History of the Portland Office

Portland, Oregon is most well known for its eccentricities. The place is lousy with vegan clowns and guys on unicycles playing flaming bagpipes. It also happens to be home to scores of independent, small businesses. The combination of tech savvy job seekers, and free spirited creative thinkers makes for a uniquely fun and prosperous place for a small business to flourish.  SellerEngine is just one of many such businesses. Here’s a little of our backstory.

Read on for a little glimpse into our past adventures.

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Don’t reprice in the dark

“How Smartlists help you understand and optimize pricing on Amazon”

Computer with a smarlist on screen


Whether you’re trying to set your prices or you want actionable insight into your inventory, the ability to create and control the way you see your inventory can be one of the most liberating and powerful tools at your disposal.  Read on to find out how Sellery can help.


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Amazon Funnies Mash-Up. Chapter 1.


Amazon Funnies Mash-Up



Just because you’re a busy Amazon seller doesn’t mean you shouldn’t laugh yourself silly every chance you get. If there’s anything we can do to help boost employee morale, we’ll give it a shot. Let’s see if we can make you smile from ear to ear, and match the grin on the Amazon logo with these tidbits.



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Why Neutral Feedback Is Anything but Harmless

Chalkboard with eraser and pencils




It’s never a happy occasion when a customer decides to swing neutral feedback at you, then runs off into the nethers of cyberspace like nothing happened. Hard as it may be, you must swallow your pride, track down the culprit, ask for an explanation, and beg them to retract the feedback without sounding demanding or desperate.

Read our guide on why neutral feedback matters and what can be done to tackle it.

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Guest Post: How it Works – Sales Tax Rates

Tax time


Mark Faggiano is the founder and CEO of TaxJar, a service built to make sales tax compliance simple for eCommerce sellers. Try a 30-day-free trial of TaxJar today and eliminate sales tax compliance headaches from your life!

Even before you were an online seller, you probably noticed that weird little “sales tax” percentage tacked on to your purchases at the store. This could be everything from a nice round number like 4% to a rather off-the-wall amount like 7.35%.

As an online seller, you likely know that you need to charge at least some of your customers a sales tax. But why those particular amounts? Let’s have a look.

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Inventory Cost File Uploads in Sellery – the Right Way

Looking for a solution


The first step to maximizing your Amazon sales is to optimize inventory cost file uploads. For any upload to be successful, the data needs to be compatible, consistent and convenient. Our quick and easy walk-through will show you how to leverage every opportunity you have of listing every last one of your products on Amazon for maximum visibility and reach.

To watch our short and sweet Sellery video walk-through, please carry on reading.

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Tools Sellers Use to Ask for Customer Feedback

Support feedback files
A common concern our users convey to us is that they can’t seem to be able to garner enough feedback to satisfy Amazon’s requirements, and to attract new customers. We’re eager to help, but before we can do that, we’d like to ask our readers for some input.

Please carry on reading to learn how feedback management can impact your business.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! Selling toys & games for the Holidays


Pile of toys


Christmas comes but once a year, and so too does Amazon’s holiday shopping season. While you may not be decking the halls just yet, you may already have started planning to stock some toys in time for the Amazon holiday rush. Before you make merry with the mistletoe, take a look at our list of to-dos to sail through the Christmas campaign, and make the most of your Q4 inventory this year.



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