Amazon Account Holder Digest I 2018


amazon digest news 2018We’re well into the new year and sales are down, making this the perfect time to take a step back and go over the latest bulletin fresh from the SellerEngine newsroom. Without further ado, we bring you this year’s first batch of Amazon seller news, hot off the proverbial press.





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How to Win the Buy Box Part 1

Amazon Buy Box


This is the first in a series of articles from SellerEngine, focused on how to win Amazon’s elusive Buy Box. There are many articles, tips and tricks, and hypotheses about what the actual algorithm is, but the mystery continues. To keep the playing field even, Amazon doesn’t reveal what the exact algorithm is, but we do know that price and feedback are two of the most important factors.


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What’s The Best Way To Set Up Profit Bandit?

PB scanning with iPad

People often ask about the best way to set up Profit Bandit in order to get the information they need from the app. The truth is that there is no specific right or wrong way to set it up, it all depends on each person’s business and strategy.

Let’s say you are an FBA seller, selling new items, then you will most likely want to compare your selling price to the selling price of other FBA sellers with items in the same condition as yours. In this case, the settings should be:

  • FBA seller turned on
  • Sell price based on FBA turned on
  • New condition selected

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Amazon Account Holder Digest X 2017

Amazon NewsWith products flying off the shelves and jingle bells chiming in the background, third party sellers are making the most of this year’s Christmas sales. As preparations are well underway for that last minute gift surge, there’s not much time for gossip around the water cooler. Luckily, there’s room for one more batch of Amazon seller news on our blog this year, so here’s what Amazon’s been up to this holiday season, in a nutshell.



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New Sellery Private Label Feature

Private Label

There are many reasons Amazon 3p sellers want to compete against listings similar to their own but that exist across different ASINs. Maybe you sell via Private Label or perhaps you sell a product that sits across many brands and catalogue pages. Whatever the reason, being able to reference prices outside of your own listing has quickly become a necessity for increased sales and fully informed repricing decisions. And that’s why we’ve released a new feature in Sellery that will allow Private Label and other 3rd party sellers to compete across different ASINs.


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