Improve Amazon Listings With 7 Tips on Product Images

product images


Selling on Amazon is like trying to convince someone to buy something they’ve probably never seen before, from someone they’ve never met. But seeing is believing, and that’s why a sale can be down to just one thing: the product image. So, how can you make sure you get the most out of your product images and constantly improve Amazon listings? Continue reading for the 7 tips to great product images.

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Don’t Get Stuck in the Past: 5 Reasons You Need to Automate Your Purchasing Process

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Shariq Toor, Content Strategist at TGO Consulting

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. Some of us will remember the days when anyone with an idea had to open a brick-and-mortar storefront, which has its own set of hassles, before it was possible to even sell to anyone besides a few friends and acquaintances. Today’s storefronts are often virtual – not only is it easier than ever to work from your home, but your market isn’t just the neighborhood anymore. Anyone from anywhere, all over the world, can buy your products.

automated purchasing process

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Amazon Repricing: Smarts or software?

Amazon Repricing


Using software to help run your Amazon business is no longer a novelty. Whether it’s managing your orders and stock, optimizing your listings, or doing research on what to buy next, Amazon repricing software can relieve some of the pressure on your workflow. So, too, can a savvy technical support crew.

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Amazon Automate Pricing: some sellers concerned over Price Wars

By now, you may have noticed the ‘Automate Pricing’ tab in SellerCentral under the ‘Pricing’ header. This is a recently released free tool, currently in Beta phase, whereby you can assign rules to automatically change your prices.
This article aims to be, inasmuch as possible, an objective review of seller reactions to Amazon Automate Pricing, as well as a report on how the tool’s repricing mechanism works, according to Amazon. Continue Reading…

What Amazon Sellers Need to Know About Sales Tax Holidays


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Mark Faggiano, founder and CEO of TaxJar

taxjar sales tax companyFall school shopping is fast approaching. And that means many states have “sales tax holidays.” As a consumer, tax-free weekends are a fantastic way to stock up on clothing, school supplies and even equipment like computers without paying sales tax. But as a seller, they can be a little confounding. In this post I’ll go over what Amazon sellers need to know about tax-free weekends.

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Amazon Prime Day: Ready, Set, Sell!

Amazon Prime Day


This year’s Amazon Prime Day promised to bring Prime subscribers a bigger and better 24-hour sale than last year. That translates into more sales for you, hopefully. To help you cope with the demanding workload, we’ve put together some tips, and shared them with our readers on social media this month. Let’s go through these tips one last time.

Read more for a recap of our Amazon Prime Day tips.

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