Amazon Suspension Series: 2. Amazon Performance Metrics

Amazon performance metrics




What do you do when Amazon suspends your account citing a performance issue? We take a closer look at some of the main reasons for account suspension, and bring you tangible solutions to improve your Amazon performance metrics.


Read below to find out how to tackle some of the greatest Amazon performance issues.

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Guest post: How to Compete on Amazon and Win More Sales

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Liz Pekarek from

compete on Amazon




Amazon is perhaps the online seller’s most profitable marketplace, ranking high on the list of the world’s most visited websites, and drawing in countless buyers daily. In fact, it’s an ecommerce seller’s paradise if you can stand up against the competition. To encourage buyers to choose your store over a competitor’s, you need to get creative with your business strategies, both in and out of the marketplace. Here are five ways to compete on Amazon and win better sales:


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Come Meet Us at the IRX 2016 Trade Show

IRX in Birmingham



Everyone’s looking forward to IRX 2016, the 2-day online retailing trade show, and none more so than SellerEngine. The U.K.’s multi-channel event with the most attendees in history is promising once again to bring visitors in their thousands on 27-28 April 2016 at the National Exhibition Center.


Read below to see what SellerEngine has to offer all IRX 2016 attendees, including you.

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5 Repricing Techniques for Your Amazon Inventory

5 Repricing Techniques for Your Amazon Inventory



Repricing Amazon inventory proves to be a challenge even for the most advanced Amazon sellers. In today’s post we’ll discuss the most popular repricing techniques, and assess their strong points and their disadvantages. Why? So you can make a more informed decision on which repricing option fits your current business needs better.

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No Removal Fees in April for More FBA Storage Space

FBA Storage Space



We’re all familiar with the Inventory Cleanup in mid-February and August, when unsold inventory is assessed to determine the FBA storage fees that sellers owe Amazon. But now it looks like Amazon is trying to take things one step further by paying sellers to recall or destroy their unsold items by April 30.
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Avoid These 5 April Sales Tax Filing Pitfalls


Editor’s note: Mark Faggiano is the founder and CEO of TaxJar

Tax time




Everybody knows that April is income tax month in the U.S. So it can be easy to forget that April is also what we here at TaxJar refer to as a “sales tax perfect storm.” Not only do you have to deal with income taxes due on April 15th, but nearly every online seller also has a sales tax deadline in April. It’s almost too much!

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