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Sellery Smart Lists & How to Use Them


Sellery IconSellery, our flagship product, is a powerful, highly customizable real-time Amazon repricer. It helps our customers significantly increase their sales & profits to new levels. A feature called, Smart Lists, is a big part of such success. Based on criteria important to your business strategies, Smart Lists are dynamically updating buckets of your listings. Read more to learn about Sellery Smart Lists. Discover how they can help increase Amazon sales, profits, and Buy Box ownership.

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The Ins & Outs of Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fees

Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fees Warehouse


There are many perks to selling FBA. Fewer trips to the post office, less customer interaction, packaging and delivery guarantees, increase in Buy Box eligibility, and more. But accessing such benefits comes at a cost. Amazon charges FBA fees on each sale. But the owed buck doesn’t stop there. Read on to learn more about Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fees.  Continue Reading…

Update on FBA Small and Light

Correction: It has come to our attention that some of the information revealed in our blog post entitled ‘Introducing the New FBA Small and Light Program for US sellers’ of May 26, 2015 has become outdated.

FBA Small and Light



We introduced you last year to the FBA Small and Light program, a low-cost fulfillment solution for small, light and cheap products sold on Since then, Amazon has reviewed its offer, changing eligibility criteria and fees. There are five currently applicable changes in all, with some new fees effective July 1st.

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No Removal Fees in April for More FBA Storage Space

FBA Storage Space



We’re all familiar with the Inventory Cleanup in mid-February and August, when unsold inventory is assessed to determine the FBA storage fees that sellers owe Amazon. But now it looks like Amazon is trying to take things one step further by paying sellers to recall or destroy their unsold items by April 30.
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