1. I have been involved in a dispute with Amazon and a 3rd party (suncoo) for almost 3 months.
    Suncoo agreed to refund damaged item .
    Then there was a dispute about weather I should have to pay for shipping back because it was going to cost me more than what paid for item $550 approx.
    Amazon finally agreed to pay for item AND postage that I paid and Amazon would go after 3rd party for cost of item .
    Problem is it’s been over 2 weeks after being told I would get my money back in 3 to 5 business days Amazon said a to z would be in contact with me in 24 hrs it’s now been 48 hrs and nothing I’m getting a real runaround .
    Claim number is 111-7715949-7325036
    Ted Kortun

    • Hello,

      I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble with your Amazon return. They can sometimes be slow to resolve these issues, but with Amazon “the customer is always right”. I’m sure you’ll receive your refund soon, if you haven’t already.

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