Account Monitoring

Expert day-to-day management of performance notifications, listing suspensions, and account metrics for guaranteed account health and lowered Amazon suspension risk.

Healthy account metrics and performance are not only the best way to avoid suspension, they are imperative to increasing your Buy Box percentage and eligibility. Let SellerEngine's Account Monitoring for Amazon Sellers service keep you away from risk, while maximizing account performance.

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When should I outsource monitoring my Amazon account?

  • You’re having trouble managing your feedback score and account health within Amazon’s set targets and limits
  • You’ve set up a procedure for how you want your feedback and performance metrics handled, and are ready to hand over the task. Freeing up more time for business growth and development
  • You’re on the lookout for a knowledgeable person to handle performance notifications so that you can get suspended listings reinstated
  • You’re in search of an expert to steer you clear of trouble for non-compliance with Amazon’s policies
  • You need help to connect the dots between your daily workflow and how it influences your performance, to improve your processes

What does the Account Monitoring service offer?

This service is meant to give you peace of mind, and save you resources better used in growing your business. This is what we can do on your behalf:

This ongoing service, starting at $750* a month, is meant to provide peace of mind and give you more time to grow your business. This is what we will do on your behalf:

  • Respond to all necessary notifications to help keep you safe from an Amazon suspension and to prevent further warnings
  • Handle negative or neutral feedback as soon as ratings appear (address buyer concerns and work with them to remove unfavorable feedback or, when appropriate, work with Amazon to have the feedback removed)
  • Keep a close eye on your overall seller account performance and notify you when you’re getting close to reaching a dangerous limit with Amazon’s targets
  • Provide suggestions for improving business workflows to optimize account health and prevent warnings and notifications
  • Expert advice on any problem you need help with regarding your Amazon business account

*Discounted pricing available for current software customers

There are many benefits to our Account Monitoring package; being proactive about the warnings you get from Amazon can keep you safe from receiving a suspension notice. Resolving your previous notifications will enable you to get suspended listings up and selling again. We will expertly monitor your account performance and handle any poor ratings on your transactions without breaking any of Amazon’s rules or policies. And you’ll have our years of experience to rely on whenever you run into a problem.

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