Choosing a Bluetooth Scanner for Profit Bandit

Update 11/11/2014 to reflect new 2006 models of the Opticon and Scanfob scanners that are now available. The 2005 models are still recommended, but are just no longer the newest models available.

Editor’s note: 

This post is not meant to be impartial. We want to provide the best Profit Bandit experience to everyone and don’t want to recommend something that will take away from that experience. There are no affiliate links in this article and we are not affiliated with the manufacturer of any bluetooth scanner.

Why Bluetooth Scanners?

In most cases, your smartphone’s built-in camera can scan barcodes with Profit Bandit quickly and easily. But a bluetooth scanner can allow you to scan faster and more accurately. No more focusing your camera on a barcode, just swipe the red beam from your bluetooth scanner.

Bluetooth scanners are particularly useful for when you’re scanning at a library sale or any other situation when you’re competing for merchandise. Simply set an alert in Profit Bandit to vibrate your phone when you scan an item with a specific sales rank or profit. Then use your bluetooth scanner and scan until you feel your phone vibrate. You’ll be able to scan without constantly looking at your phone’s screen and will be able to scan faster than your competition.

Here are our 3 options for bluetooth scanners to use with Profit Bandit:

#1 – SerialIO Scanfob 2005 2006 & Opticon 2005 2006

Top Choice

Opticon OPN 2002

This is our top recommendation for Amazon sellers looking to add a bluetooth scanner to their scouting toolkit.

It connects easily with Profit Bandit and stays connected, scans quickly and is durable and dependable. It might seem a bit pricey at nearly $300, but it’s worth every penny.

As near as we can tell, the Scanfob 2005  2006 and the OPN 2005  2006 are the same scanner with different branding. However, if you are scanning on an Android phone or tablet, we recommend that you buy directly from SerialIO.

This is because SerialIO includes a free license for SerialMagic Gears with the Scanfob. When connecting your Android phone, bluetooth scanner and Profit Bandit, SerialMagic Gears is required. By buying from SerialIO, you’ll save yourself the $50 cost of the license.

If you’re using an iPhone however, you won’t need SerialMagic Gears to connect your iPhone and scanner to Profit Bandit. Feel free to buy the Opticon. It’s available from us at SellerEngine.

We also recommend this scanner because it has good battery life (many hours on a single charge) and recharges via a USB port on your computer. If your car has a USB port you may be able to charge it there as well. Despite its small size (it’s smaller than a business card) it feels well-made and ours has survived being dropped on the floor several times.

Final Thoughts:

  1. The OPN 2005  2006 and the Scanfob 2005  2006 are the same scanner, just with different branding.
  2. If using an Android phone, buy the SerialIO Scanfob 2005  2006. It comes with the license to SerialMagic Gears that you’ll need.
  3. If using an iPhone, the Opticon OPN 2005  2006 is the same scanner, just without the SerialMagic Gears license that you don’t need.
  4. Do not buy the OPN2001. This is a USB scanner and will not work with Profit Bandit.
  5. For iPhone users, this scanner has a small button that activates the on-screen keyboard when the scanner is connected. Other scanners we tested do not have this feature.

Note: We are no longer recommending the ROV Bluetooth Scanner because of  reports that the scanner is no longer supported by Microvision.

#2 – Unitech MS910

Not Recommended

Unitech MS910This is another low-cost bluetooth scanner, with a current price of under $150 on Amazon. But unlike the Microvision ROV scanner, the Unitech MS910 works with both Android and iOS.

However, we do not recommend this scanner. It is about the same size as the OPN2002/Scanfob 2002, but it is much lighter and feels much flimsier. We are not sure how it will hold up over months or years of scouting.

Additionally, the scanner only has a single button. To make the on-screen keyboard appear on your iPhone, you’ll need to scan a barcode (included with the scanner). This is a huge hassle and is an inelegant solution.

Finally, the connection between the scanner and phone (both iPhone and Android devices) was tenuous at best. We were able to connect the scanner, but the connection dropped quite often and was very inconsistent.

Final Thoughts

  • Low cost and low quality.
  • Inefficient to use, especially with an iPhone.
  • Frequently dropped connections.
  • Not recommended.


If you feel like you need a bluetooth scanner to improve your Amazon scouting we recommend that you invest in an OPN2002 or Scanfob 2002 scanner. These are the most reliable, most user-friendly and in our opinion, best scanners on the market.

If you can’t afford the $300 price tag for these scanners, consider whether you really need a scanner for your business. You may be better served by investing that money into inventory or other aspects of your business.

If you have any more questions about bluetooth scanners or anything else, email


    • Hi Todd,

      Nope, apparently they’re just a replacement for the 2002 and should work fine.

      We haven’t had a chance to test one yet, but I’ll do an update to the post as soon as I get my hands on one.


  1. Ken

    Hello Profit Bandit,

    I was wondering if I could use the Opticon OPN 2004 Scanner with Profit Bandit with my iPhone? It’s much cheaper.

    On a budget!

  2. I respectfully have to disagree with the review of the Unitech MS910. I will admit that I don’t have the other two models listed, nor have I had any others, but I will state some minor corrections about the MS910 that I have found while using it.

    I use Android, so this only applies to Android users. I believe a majority of your Profit Bandit users are Android users.

    1. You listed that the unit feels flimsy. Unless there was a change since this was written, it is not. It is actually a very sturdy and light unit. The specs claim a 4ft drop height, but I have dropped it from higher on straight concrete repeatedly over my time of use and have never had an issue. I just wish there was a bumper guard I could place on it, but I think a couple of pads of industrial rubber and some super glue will fix that right up.

    2. I’ve used it for months of abuse. No issues with reliability. It helped me through the holiday season to tens of thousands of dollars in hidden profits and sales.

    3. Yes there is a single button, and for Android users that’s all you need. Once the unit is paired, turn it on, activate it in SerialGears and turn on PB. You’re all good. Recommendation: set the timer on the device for 10 minutes before idle.

    4. I have NEVER had a problem with consistency with the BT connection. It’s solid and strong – scanned tons and never missed a beat. I had more problems with Serial Gears than I did the scanner connected (Unlicensed SerialGears and junk… will activate later probably.)

    5. It’s the only one available right now on Amazon as new. The others are either not available (at all) or used.

    6. I never use the keyboard, and when I do I just tap the search box and up pops the keyboard.

    Again, this is only my assessment as a high-use Android user. I cannot attest to iPhone experiences.

  3. Jerry

    The Scanfob 2005 has been replaced by the Scanfob 2006. Will it now be your new #1 recommended device for Profit Bandit on Android phones?

  4. Fran McGee

    Does the CT-20 Bluetooth scanner work with profit bandit?

  5. Hello,

    Will the socket 8ci scanner work with Profit Bandit.


    • Maria

      Hi Nathan,

      We haven’t tested the 8Ci scanner with Profit Bandit but with bluetooth and SPP mode (Android) or HID mode (iOS) it should work just fine. If you’re having trouble with this send us an email at

      Hope it helps,

  6. Ron

    Do all OPN2002 scanners come with Blue Tooth?

    • Maria

      Hi Ron,

      The OPN2002 is a bluetooth scanner. Actually all companion scanners from Opticon come with bluetooth.

      Hope it helps,
      SellerEngine Team

  7. Ron

    I really think your information on Scnners is fabulous (the best I have found yet), and I will continue to follow youl!!!

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