Conference Year 2018- Where should Amazon sellers go?

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2018 is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your conference year. And, with so many great options, it’s sometimes hard to know where to put your focus and your money. Don’t worry, we’re here to help out. The following blog post provides a summary of some of the most recommended conferences for Amazon sellers. And tips and tricks for making the most out of attending.


Whether you’re a new-to-Amazon seller with a small budget or a booming company with years of experience selling on Amazon, attending conferences is always a great choice for learning new things, keeping up with the industry, networking with other sellers and solution providers, and checking out your competition.

What to attend

Show Name: ASD

Date(s): March 11-14

Location: Las Vegas

Cost to attend: *FREE! *if you register pre-show. Doing it there will cost you $45.


Who should attend: This B2B trade show is huge and a bit overwhelming but well worth the price. Which is free. Can’t beat that! This trade show is sourcing focused, offering an extremely wide variety of goods at wholesale prices. If you’re in the market for new sources or products, you don’t want to miss this one. Even better – we’ll be there. If you’d like to chat in person, just set up a time to meet here. We’ll even buy you a coffee.


Show Name: Prosper Show

Date(s): March 13-14

Location: Las Vegas

Cost to attend: $799 per person. If you are thinking of attending, but haven’t registered yet – use code 18xSellerE and save $100 off your ticket.


Who should attend: This annual conference is Amazon specific which makes it one of our top recommendations. It’s main focus is on education with a networking component as a close second. Prosper is designed for established Amazon sellers who are looking to further develop their businesses with cutting edge information from former Amazon business leaders and leading industry speakers. This year there will be 70+ exhibitors who provide services for Amazon sellers. Now in its third year, there are three tracks of content including content for Advanced Sellers as well as Private Label Sellers. We’ll be here as well. If you’d like to chat in person, just set up a time to meet here.


Show Name: IRCE

Date(s): June 5-8

Location: Chicago

Cost to attend: Tiered pricing based on time of purchase, and number of workshops you want to attend . Their website says 2018 prices will be posted soon, but 2017 early bird pricing varied from $1,399 (all workshops PLUS the exhibit hall, lunch and networking events) to $80 (exhibit hall only). Stay tuned – we’re exhibiting here as well, and will share a discount code for attendees.


Who should attend: This is a big conference, with a lot to offer. If you’re attending, we recommend making a plan ahead of time to be sure you see and talk to who you need to. 600+  exhibitors and solution providers and 200+ top notch sessions and presenters, it’s one of the largest in the industry. Last year, I caught Barbara Corcoran in a jam packed room and it was really awesome, insightful, and funny.


Show Name: Etail West / Etail East

Date(s): Feb 26- Mar 1 / Aug 6 – Aug 9

Location: Palm Springs, CA / Boston, MA

Cost to attend:  2018 Pricing not posted yet, 2017 $1399

Website: West / East

Who should attend:   With over 100 speakers representing the best from America’s largest retailers, innovative startups, and eCommerce disruptors you will also find top retailers exhibiting and speaking. Find the most innovative content, designed to help you optimize profits. Etail says their content is all about growth and education.


Show Name: Retail Global

Date(s): Oct 9-11

Location: Las Vegas

Cost to attend: Lots of options here. Ranging from $149 – $895.


Who should attend: This conference started in Australia but 2018 will be its 3rd year taking place in the States. As the name implies, this event covers a wide range of topics in the retail and eCommerce industry. But bonus for an Amazon specific track, and 38% of attendees sell on Amazon (if not elsewhere as well). However, the Amazon track does focus on those operating as a brand and brand resellers, so this is not for beginners. “We will be skipping the basics and getting straight to advanced strategies”.


Show Name: Midwest eCom

Date(s): July 20 & 21

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cost to attend: $215 – $315 (depending on when you purchase)


Who should attend: “For sellers,by sellers”. This event helps sellers on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and more learn what’s changing in the world of ecommerce, new tactics to market their businesses, rules of selling through these different platforms, and how to grow their businesses.


Show Name: Rocky Mountain Resellers

Date(s): June 2 – 3 2017; 2018 TBD, but expect similar dates

Location: Denver, CO

Cost to attend: $289 – $489, depending on date of purchase (2017)


Who should attend: 2017 topics included off-amazon marketing, entrepreneurship, account management, sourcing (arbitrage, private label, wholesale, etc.), accounting, suspension prevention, sponsored ads, and much more. If you’re looking to customize your conference schedule, and spend 2 days with some of the experts in the industry, this is a great choice.


Show Name: eCommerce Expo

Date(s): Jan 26 -27  2018

Location: Olympia, London UK

Cost to attend: 2018 prices not posted yet


Who should attend: eCommerce Expo connects buyers and suppliers of ecommerce technology and services through the UK’s largest vendor marketplace, high quality thought leadership and networking. The event covers all aspects of the online transactional process – from marketing, web-platforms and payments through to delivery and customer service.


How to attend a Conference

Tips and tricks for making your conference a success.

  • Now that you’ve made your decisions on what conferences to attend and purchased your tickets, it’s time for the real planning! Here’s a list of #protips we’ve gathered over our years of conference attending, presenting, and exhibiting
  • Wear comfortable shoes. In most cases, you’ll be doing a ton of walking. So be prepared if you like to track your steps as well. Wear comfortable clothes too, you’ll be in them for long hours. Bring a jacket or sweater too – it’s often cold in the conference centers, no matter what the temperature is outside.
  • Bring a water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated.
  • Stock up on Emergen-C, Airborne, Zeal, Nuun, Zaca or whatever multivitamin/health supplement you’re into. There will be a lot of people and germs. So be proactive. And don’t forget to wash your hands/Purell it up too.
  • Choose a hotel that’s as close as possible to the conference. Walking distance is best, when possible. That means to plan ahead and book your hotel as soon as possible. Having your room a 5 minute walk a way rather than a 20-30 minute ride make a huge difference.
  • Keep your eye out for discounts on public transportation and any restaurants or activities you want to squeeze into your schedule while there. Groupon, Living Social, Lyft discounts, etc. are your friends.
  • Look at the agenda ahead of time so you can note the sessions and presentations you want to attend. Be clear about your focus and goals so that you can make the most of your time. Make sure you also research what exhibitors you want to visit and jot those down too. Exhibition halls can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Write down questions you want answered and problems you need to solve so you don’t forget while lost in the hustle and bustle.
  • Take notes, photos, and videos during sessions and presentations. Often times, you’ll get slide decks later but it’s important to capture things that stand out to you in the moment. It’s likely they will stick with you after.
  • Write notes immediately on business cards you collect for better recall after the show. And make sure you give you contact info/business cards to people you want to hear from later.


Are you planning to attend any of the shows we’ve listed? Let us know in the comments. We always love connecting with our customers and readers at these conferences. Let’s make 2018 a great year!


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Kate is an avid reader/writer, world traveler, dog lover, lead singer in a band, and Amazon extraordinaire. She loves long walks in pretty much any setting and helping Amazon sellers grow and succeed.

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