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Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day Prep

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Prime Day 2019 is Amazon’s fifth mid-July sales bonanza. This year’s quarter-century anniversary is bound to break all known records. Whether you have a vested interest in Amazon Prime Day or you’re taking notes for next year, here are a few things to focus your efforts on.

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Conference Year 2018- Where should Amazon sellers go?

Reading Time: 6 minutes



2018 is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your conference year. And, with so many great options, it’s sometimes hard to know where to put your focus and your money. Don’t worry, we’re here to help out. The following blog post provides a summary of some of the most recommended conferences for Amazon sellers. And tips and tricks for making the most out of attending.


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What if Profit Bandit could…

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Think outside the box



What can you dream up for your ideal scouting app?

Here are Austin’s “outside the box” ideas of what you could do with Profit Bandit. Austin, our Profit Bandit product owner, was excited to get into this creative mind game.

Do you want to play this game with us?





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Catching up with Sue and the SellerEngine Spark Prize

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ioan, SellerEngine’s founder, is a huge fan of the $100 Start Up. So as part of the SellerEngine Spark, we included $100 in prize money with the goal of seeing how our winners spent it. Here’s how Sue’s done:

Spark Progress Report

Sue has been keeping meticulous records of her purchases, expenses and sales for the past two weeks and recently shared them with us. Her record keeping is excellent and she really knows where every cent is going. And as Ioan has said to anyone who asks, knowing how much profit you’re actually making is essential to making money on Amazon. It sounds obvious, but many sellers don’t take the time to figure out their profit on every sale. Sue does and it shows in her record keeping and her success so far!

She took her $100 and invested it in a hot toy item that at the time had no other Amazon sellers. She found it by scanning with Profit Bandit at a discount shop near her home in Maine. After selling several of these, a second seller started listing the same items. She didn’t let herself get caught up in a price war and betting that the other seller had a limited quantity, she just waited. And it paid off. She sold her entire stock in just a few days.

Sue has also started using Sellery to reprice all of her items. She took a big step towards automating her business and it paid off! The repricing rules she put in place lowered her prices on a few items and she’s already seeing increased sales, at the cost of a little profit. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Sue Roberts on Sellery

Way to go Sue!

To summarize, here’s what Sue’s been doing right:

  • Used Profit Bandit to find an item with no competition.
  • Didn’t start a price war when competition appeared. Analyzed the situation and realized that by waiting  a bit, she’d still get her desired price.
  • Started using Sellery to reprice her listings. Created repricing rules to lower prices on some items and made a few sales without sacrificing too much profit.
  • Kept meticulous records that make it easy for her to see her profit down to the penny.

And here’s my favorite highlight from Sue’s weekly update:

December 13th:

“Personal stuff.  Ugh. Time waster but had to be done.  Glad to work from home. :)”

Next time we’ll take a look at Sue and Kathy’s 2013 goals and strategies.

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Thrifty Thursday #5 – Greenworks Compostable Wipes

Reading Time: 1 minute

Thrifty Thursday
**This promotion is no longer running

This week, we returned to Grocery Outlet and came away with these compostable cleaning wipes. If you were at SCOE this year, you may have heard Lisa Suttora’s keynote about identifying and profiting from trends. And “green” items are certainly one of those trends.

We bought a few to use around the office because they were just so cheap!

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Thrifty Thursday #4 – Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Reading Time: 1 minute

Thrifty Thursday #4

This week we hit up Grocery Outlet here in Portland and while we didn’t find any vintage puzzles or crazy board games, we did find a few profitable household items that make up the bread-and-butter of many sellers’ inventories.

Today’s find is a rechargeable LED flashlight that doubles as a nightlight. It has a sales rank of around 20,000. I think this could be a great year-round seller. It’s got lots of great keywords: LED, flashlight, nightlight, rechargeable. It could also be an excellent part of a product bundle for a home emergency supply kit.

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To learn more about all of Profit Bandit’s features, check out our Profit Bandit user guides for Android and iPhone.

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Profit Bandit Release 5.32 – Now with Amazon’s Offers

Reading Time: 1 minute

Profit Bandit release

The first thing that you’ll notice in the newest version of Profit Bandit (currently available only on Android, iPhone coming soon) is that some FBA offers are highlighted.

These are offers from Amazon themselves. We identify them using a method called MegaSeller that we developed for use in Sellery and SellerEngine Plus. And now it’s in Profit Bandit. But best of all, it doesn’t use any more data or take any more time.

Other updates in this version of Profit Bandit include:

  • ProductID is a new field in the CSV exported when you save your Buy List. This field saves the product’s UPC. Note that it will save whatever your search for that item was,  scanned UPC, ASIN or keyword.
  • Profit Bandit is now available to devices that lack an auto-focus camera, including many Android tablets. Users with these devices will be unable to scan using their device’s built-in camera, but they can manually search for items or use a bluetooth scanner.
  • The ShopSavvy scanning app has been fixed and once again, it works in portrait mode.
If you have any ideas for features to include in a future version of Profit Bandit or need assistance with Profit Bandit send an email to