What is Amazon Platinum Seller Status?

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Platinum barsIs Amazon Platinum Status Real?

The most common things I hear when someone online mentions Amazon Platinum Seller Status are:

  • That’s not a real thing.
  • I think you’re confusing Amazon and eBay.

However, Amazon Platinum Seller Status is very real indeed.

To confirm for yourself, write a letter to Amazon Seller Support asking to have your account upgraded to Platinum Seller Status.

Don’t get your hopes up though, you’ll probably just get a polite, “Keep up the good work selling on Amazon and you might get to be a Platinum Seller someday.

What is Platinum Seller Status?

I’ll admit, the specific benefits of Platinum Seller Status are a little vague. Here’s what we’ve heard:

  • Weekly (instead of bi-weekly) payouts.
  • Ability to add “platinum” keywords to your listings.
  • Improved visibility in search results. This is believed to be the effect of “platinum” keywords. And some believe that you’ll have a better shot at winning the buy box, although we don’t know this for sure.
  • The option to create a custom Amazon storefront.

Who Gets Platinum Seller Status?

To even be considered for Platinum Seller Status, our sources tell us that you need to have a long track record of excellent customer service and performance on the Amazon Marketplace.

We’re talking years here, not months. If you just started selling on Amazon last year, you’re going to have to put the time in to establish yourself as one of the very best Amazon sellers out there.

Then, you’re going to need to have a big business. We’ve heard that around a million dollars a year in sales is the threshold where you might be considered for Platinum Seller status, although most have sales much, much higher than that.

There are no guarantees or secret formulas, however.

The reason for that is because Platinum Status is an invite-only club. Amazon chooses who they let in and when. So, our best recommendations for  becoming a Platinum Amazon Seller are:

  • Don’t expect to become a platinum merchant this year or next. Instead plan for 3 years down the road. Develop a system for providing the best possible customer experience now. And keep it up!
  • Keep growing your business. Look for wholesale opportunities. Develop a line of exclusive products that only you’re selling. Taking these steps will help you maximize your sales and your profits. And they’re sustainable ways to grow your business.

+Paul Cole


  1. Peter

    Good info, thanks. What is the date of this post? (Lot’s of old intelligence out there … )

  2. Peter

    Thanks again – especially for quick reply!

    Good info, thanks. What is the date of this post? (Lot’s of old intelligence out there … )

  3. Very good info. Everytime I create a new listing I see that “Platinum Keywords” box and think “I want those”. Fat chance I guess. Why do you think they dangle this carrot if it is almost impossible to get?

  4. Ronny

    Finally i found some real informations about the platin seller status on amazon – thank you man! Based on your article here we’ve written an german one about this topic. Maybe it could be interesting for some german speaking people here too: http://www.shopdoc.de/amazon-platinum-keywords-und-platin-seller/

    Anyway: well done!

    Greets from Germany 🙂

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