Amazon Listing Reinstatement

Did you know that receiving several performance notifications within a short period of time can get you suspended? Don’t let it happen to you.

If one of your listings is suspended, working to get it back up is only the first step. You should also focus on making sure no other items in your inventory are in danger of being suspended. These performance notifications can affect your entire operation if they trigger an Amazon account suspension. Let the experts at SellerEngine reduce this risk.

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Get Your Amazon Listing Reinstated

The process of reversing Amazon’s decision to get a listing reinstated is similar to the steps required to appeal an account suspension:

  • We investigate the reasons behind the complaints on that particular ASIN
  • We suggest the corrections you need to make in your inventory and business workflows before submitting the appeal
  • We write an appeal letter following the structure and detail that Amazon expects

Prevent future notifications

In addition to working on your suspended listing, we recommend reducing the risk of receiving additional notifications from the performance team:

  • We verify all previous notifications and warnings from Amazon
  • We offer recommendations for improvement in problem areas
  • We provide guidance on how to put our advice into daily practice, to keep your account safe from suspension

Your Appeal will be carefully handcrafted; we do our homework. Each appeal is specifically tailored to address the issues facing your account. We never use templates.

A risk assessment for all your selling activity when only one item is suspended may sound excessive, but it’s the only sure method to avoid having your selling privileges revoked. Let us go the extra mile for you.

The Listing Reinstatement service is $500 per notification.


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