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Private Label

There are many reasons Amazon 3p sellers want to compete against listings similar to their own but that exist across different ASINs. Maybe you sell via Private Label or perhaps you sell a product that sits across many brands and catalogue pages. Whatever the reason, being able to reference prices outside of your own listing has quickly become a necessity for increased sales and fully informed repricing decisions. And that’s why we’ve released a new feature in Sellery that will allow Private Label and other 3rd party sellers to compete across different ASINs.


Compete across different ASINs with Sellery

Our latest Sellery feature, released Monday, allows sellers to look up similar products, check out the competing offers, and include them as competition when repricing their own listings.

How it Works

Select any item from your inventory and view similar listings from the Competition tab. Choose from items that match your listing’s title or use the search function with other keywords to find your desired competitors. When you find listings you’d like to include in your competitor pool, just click ‘Add’ and Sellery will reference them as chosen competition when repricing your item based on your pricing strategies. You can later ‘Remove’ competitors you no longer wish to reference.


Private Label Feature


Need more information?

For a full rundown of the feature, take a look at this help doc. If you’re looking for more information on Private Label selling, check out our blog on Selling Private Label Products on Amazon. And, for insider tips on setting Sellery up to reprice your Private Label items, read our post “How to Use Sellery to Effectively Boost Private Label Salesand this FAQ, “How can I use Sellery to reprice my Private Label products”.

Our specialized Help Team is always standing by to help out. Whether you are new to Sellery or an established customer, don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to consult on your strategies and settings.

If you haven’t given Sellery a test drive yet, it’s completely free for two weeks! Free even includes support and implementation during the trial period (and, of course, beyond). Sign up for the free two week trial on our website. Once you sign up, shoot us an email to with the code word ‘NewPLFeature17’ for an additional week of free trial time. Yep, that’s 3 weeks of free time with the most powerful repricer on the market.

Thanks again for reading our blog and have a great upcoming holiday.



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