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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jenna Devinney-  Marketing Specialist at Webbula.

customer dataSince 2009, Webbula has been the undisputed industry leader in data quality technology. Their Multi-Method Hygiene and Data Enhancement services mitigate delivery threats, enhance data lists for email campaigns and create actionable audiences for online serving. Webbula has a proven track record of helping their customers navigate hazardous data quality obstacles and increase their return on investment.


Their passion remains what it has been since day one, to provide the confidence and reliability that their customers have come to depend on. Webbula pioneered and perfected multi-method hygiene, the ability to detect spam traps, and much more – all in pursuit of truth in data.

Webbula’s mission is to bring transparency, quality, and ethics to the marketing industry’s data supply enabling true data-based solutions for both offline and online channels.

With Amazon resellers not being able to reach out to their customers on the platform, SellerEngine and Webbula-The Data Solutions Experts, have teamed up to help resellers find alternative ways to reach their customers without damaging the ties between Amazon.

The Problem: Amazon resellers are lacking information on their customers

Snatching up customer emails is one of the best ways to grow your ecommerce business. Amazon is also no dummy and knows the value of customer retention, of course they don’t want resellers taking their customer’s emails or other information for their own business. It really comes down you vs. Amazon for the rights of the customer.

Anyone who made a purchase through Amazon is owned by Amazon, even if that specific customers purchases many of your products through the Amazon platform. Amazon does not permit any reseller to take customers for themselves, and if you do they can suspend or shut your account down altogether.

To top it off, Amazon only gives you a Name, Email, and Mailing Address and sellers are not permitted to email sellers for promotional reasons, and Amazon prefers that they use the “SellerCentral” system to keep the communication anonymous.

Amazon’s regulations are frustrating, but there is a way for you to receive more insights on your customers, and other ways to gather customers without damaging your relationship with Amazon. If you want your business to thrive, let’s discuss the other ways.

The Solution: Collect customer information without damaging your relationship with Amazon

1. Have your own website

There are many Amazon sellers out there who are perfectly happy with only selling on the Amazon marketplace. Although, being a seller on Amazon comes with many complications, it does come with a lot of benefits.

If you’re a business looking to grow, you need to rely on email marketing. If you’re only selling on Amazon you are not permitted to send emails to the customers who buy your products. If you want to start emailing, you must sell outside the Amazon marketplace. Create a website where you are free to do what you want and collect your own emails.

If you decide to build your own website it’s inexpensive. With the amount of money you will expect to make form your customer list, you can make the money back. According to multiple studies, for every $1 spent on email, there is a $38 ROI. Add a signup form and you are on your way to success. Now your customers have opt-in to hear from you and you can start sending emails.

Yes, you’re on Amazon because that’s where people buy your products. You’re probably wondering, why build a website when people will probably reach my product on Amazon before my website. That’s not true, according to Adweek 81% of customers do product research before making a purchasing decision. This means that customer see your products on Amazon, but they continue to do a google search of your brand.

2. Free Downloadable Content

A great way to attract new customers is providing free content. This can consist of a newsletter, whitepapers, webinars, ebooks, videos and more. Have a sign-up form, and now you’ve already collected information. Offering free content will also build brand loyalty, customers will then see that you have their best interest.

It’s also good to mention if you created an ebook or any other content, you can offer it on Amazon and add links to the listing. Nothing is wrong with this tactic, although you must be careful to mention it on the message board.

3. Use Other platforms

Amazon isn’t the only place where you can have an online presence. Take advantage of the internet and social media. For example, use Facebook to build your presence by reaching out to potential customer on social media. Opening a Facebook store can help grow your email lists a lot faster and organically.

A great social presence will allow you to make a stronger connection with shoppers and display your products.

Start building your Customer Data with Webbula

Now that we’ve discussed three ways for you to gather customer information, it’s a great time to talk about how SellerEngine has teamed up with Webbula to help resellers connect with their customers without breaking the bond between Amazon.

Webbula can help in two ways, we aren’t called the Data Solutions Expert for nothing.

Data Appending

With the information you have already gathered from the other resources, you can enhance and append your customer list with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments.

With Webbula Data Appends you will truly understand who your customers are, their interests, and their cross-channel behaviors to better enable sending targeted and effective email campaigns.

Why use Webbula data appends to better understand your customers? Our data is constantly updated and certified with our industry-leading Multi-Method Hygiene filters. These filters help ensure accuracy and mitigate potential fraud, creating a data truth-set that is unparalleled. Because of the strength of our data vault we are able to cross-reference against a greater variety of fields that often go back in time over a decade.

Multi-Method Hygiene

Whether you’re gathering emails from a variety of marketplaces, or your own website it’s still important to regularly clean your email data. People move, pass away, change names, abandon emails so it’s good to run your data through a hygiene check.

Not to mention email threats are a ticking time bomb, just ready to explode on you at any minute. There are hidden email threats in your list ready to damage your ability to use your data properly, directly affect revenues, and of course damage your sender reputation.

Webbula’s exclusive relationship with the world’s largest honeypot purveyor allows us to proactively detect spam traps that no one else in our industry can. When paired with our Multi-Method Email Hygiene, you get an email list that is safe and reliable to be delivered to a real person.

You also have the choice to defend your forms with more than email hygiene. You can now upgrade your defense options with Webbula’s new enhanced hygiene technology – leadHygiene. The first line of defense for your Customer Data Accuracy. When you’re ready to integrate leadHygiene into your workflows you will now be able to confirm the accuracy of Names, U.S. Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Emails.

Jenna Devinney


Jenna Devinney has been the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Webbula for over a year. Her key responsibilities are social media  & content marketing. She has much experience writing blog articles in the data solutions space. Check out Webbula’s intelligence report page to learn more about What Webbula has to offer.


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