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Building your Customer Data with Webbula

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jenna Devinney-  Marketing Specialist at Webbula.

customer dataSince 2009, Webbula has been the undisputed industry leader in data quality technology. Their Multi-Method Hygiene and Data Enhancement services mitigate delivery threats, enhance data lists for email campaigns and create actionable audiences for online serving. Webbula has a proven track record of helping their customers navigate hazardous data quality obstacles and increase their return on investment.

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6 Tips to Troubleshoot your Sales Tax Problems

Sales Tax

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jennifer Dunn, Chief of Content at TaxJar

As an online retailer, there are plenty of things you might lose sleep over–debt, product development, competitors, profits, etc. The list can go on and on. You don’t need another thing on that list. If sales tax problems are keeping you up at night, it’s time to get to work troubleshooting them. Below are a few tips to get you started.



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Amazon Listing Optimization: How-To

This is a guest post from Robyn Johnson, Best from the Nest.

Amazon Listing OptimizationWhen you consider that most people find the products they buy on Amazon through search, it highlights how essential quality listings for your products on Amazon is for your bottom line. While other factors, like paid advertising, can go a long way toward helping you get additional conversions, a high-quality listing is a low-cost way to attract new customers and create increased exposure for your products.

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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Verified Product Reviews

SkubanaThis is a guest post from Skubana

Amazon reviews make it easier for customers to purchase products online, by relying on shared opinions from peers rather than examining products themselves. But, with rampant abuse of the system and many customers aware of fake reviews, modern consumers are placing less and less stock in good reviews. Amazon recognized this problem and began working to combat it, banning paid and incentivized reviews and offering a “Verified Purchase” badge to add veracity to reviews.

The “Amazon Verified Purchase” badge means that the customer bought the item through Amazon. As of November 2016, Amazon is also using Verified Purchase reviews as part of their ranking algorithm. To get the badge, customers simply leave a review and Amazon verifies if they purchased it with that account. If they haven’t, the badge simply won’t appear. Amazon also limits the number of non-verified reviews a customer can leave to 5 or less per week.

These efforts are intended to ‘clean up’ the Amazon review space, making it harder to game the system, and harder to pay for reviews. At the same time, you still need reviews to rank in Amazon’s search algorithm, to drive conversion, and to make sales. So, you need to understand how Verified Product reviews work, how to get them, and what qualifies.

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How to Source the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

AlgopixThe launch of Amazon FBA in 2006 was a game changer for ecommerce merchants selling on the popular marketplace. Amazon FBA makes fulfilling orders easy, seeing as Amazon handles the majority of the legwork for you.

If you are an online seller, the biggest challenges you face on a daily basis revolve around doing Amazon product research and providing exceptional customer service. When it comes to sourcing products to sell on Amazon, you need to have an understanding of what makes an item likely to sell on Amazon.

Without going into too much detail, factors like: a product’s demand level, the amount of competition trying to sell it, the number of reviews a product has, the likelihood of you getting the Amazon buy box, seller ratings, and pricing.

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Quick Q4 Sales Tax Tips for Amazon FBA Sellers

sales tax


Q4 is here, and, for online sellers, that means putting all the plans in place for a record breaking sales season. That also means setting up systems and automation so you don’t end up spending your precious time troubleshooting preventable issues, like sales tax problems. Double check these four potential sales tax issues in your Amazon account now, so you can sail into Q4 prepared for anything the season throws at you!


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7 Ways to Finance Your Q4 Sales Surge on Amazon

Q4 money

This is a guest post from Kevin Weeks at Payability.

It’s hard to believe, but now is the time to prep for your Q4 sales strategy. Specifically, how you are going to meet the robust holiday demand that’s right around the corner. You could stock up on inventory now, start researching new products to add to your arsenal, plan a Sponsored Product campaign — or all of the above. Regardless, you’re going to need cash to make it a reality. To help you figure out how to get that cash, here are 7 ways to finance the holiday sales surge.

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Going Global? The Importance of Localizing your Website

This is a guest post by Nick Strozza, Interpro Translation Solutions


go globalIf you want to compete in any market, you have to be able to communicate with your audience. When you consider a global market, there is more involved in this than just translating your website’s content — it means adapting your content completely. Selling online- doing eCommerce localization correctly is going to be critical. The same can apply to selling on Amazon, other platforms, and offline channels as well. All of this has to be done correctly, otherwise, you can risk offending potentially offending a culture, and you might never get a second chance to reach these customers.

To begin, let’s start by thinking about what the term Localization really means. According to the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA): localization (also referred to as “l10n”) is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. While very important, translation is only one of several elements of the localization process (source).

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When is the right time to automate your small business sales tax?

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jennifer Dunn, Chief of Content at TaxJar

Tax time



Owning a business requires tangibles like capital and a space from which to work, but to succeed in a long-term business, you also need to embrace intangibles like focus, dedication, and patience to deal with administrative hassles.

One of those administrative hassles is sales tax. It’s inevitable that as your business grows in sales volume and complexity, your sales tax reporting and filing grows more time-consuming and headache-inducing.

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