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This just in! There seems to be a change in Amazon’s account suspension protocol. Amazon is now asking sellers for a plan of action (POA) before being suspended, rather than after. Find out what the Pre POA system means for your business.



Submit Your Pre POA to Avoid an Amazon Account Suspension

It used to be that sellers who were faced with an Amazon account suspension received formal notice from Amazon only after they had their selling rights suspended.

They then had the option to submit a plan of action (POA), and they had no access to their funds or the affected listings until Amazon reached a decision. But recently Amazon’s suspension protocol seems to have changed. sellers are now being sent very different notifications, whereby sellers are asked to submit a pre-POA; that is, a POA that they write if they want to avoid a suspension.


What does a Pre POA request look like?

The new procedure involves giving sellers a detailed account of their failings. Not only that, but Amazon includes a list of previous warnings that have not been addressed.

The emails don’t include a deadline for submitting the Pre POA. But it’s implied that selling rights will not be affected until the cases are reviewed.

So, the process is similar to what is already in place, with one crucial exception: sellers get to continue selling, as well as accessing listings and funds until their Pre POA is reviewed.


What should I be looking out for?

Amazon has set up a Pre POA mailbox, so if you receive notifications from an email address ending in ‘’, please do not ignore them.

You may also wish to filter emails with these specific phrases: ‘You’re at risk of being suspended’ and ‘Please submit a plan of action to avoid suspension’.


We will update this blog post as soon as we have more information. Please follow our blog to keep up with the latest developments.





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  1. Gino

    I’ve been suspended and appealed 2 times

    I don’t k ow what more I can say or do..

  2. Hi Gino,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been suspended. We’d love to be able to learn more about the nature of your suspension, so we can see how to fight it. Could you please send us an email at so we can get in contact with you? We can run a free analysis of the issue, and hopefully get the ball rolling on your reinstatement.

    SellerEngine Services Team

  3. Nitin

    Hi, My amazon account got suspended, I am not aware of the suspension reason. Please help me to active the account.

  4. Adriana

    Dear Nitin,

    Thanks for writing. Sorry to hear the bad news about your account being suspended. Please contact us at so we can learn more about your situation and lend a helping hand.

    Adriana @SellerEngine Services.

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