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It’s plain to see that many sellers have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. But today is the day we should let love prevail. So, let’s look back at some of Amazon’s greatest achievements, how they’ve affected us, and why we should be thankful for them.  





Why should we love Amazon?

Not everyone is pleased to be a part of the Seller-Buyer-Amazon love triangle, but this business model has made the company the household name it is today. From improvised desks to drones, this business has come a long way in two decades. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a forward-thinking company that sees the bigger picture.
As we sip our morning coffee, let’s think about some of the ways Amazon has changed our lives for the better. Thanks to Amazon’s various on- and offline projects, you can now:


1. Work in Your PJs

Let’s not forget that two decades ago, running an online retail business from home would have been unheard of. Along with other e-commerce companies like eBay, Amazon has revolutionized the way people work. And if you’re trying to husband your cash, fuel and time, working more flexibly helps. So, we owe it a debt of gratitude for being able to ship our books in our onesies.  

2. Be a Buyer, Seller, Associate, Vendor and More

Amazon.com is a one-stop shop. Everybody who’s on its landing page is there for a reason. Whether yours is to buy a book or to sell private label, Amazon will get it out of you and point you in the right direction eventually.

3. Shop on the Go

What could be more convenient than a convenience store where you walk in, grab what you came for, and then leave? No waiting in line, no checkout counters, no pocket patting in front of the till. Well, not much; that’s why, Amazon Go is bound to be the start of something beautiful. The grand opening may herald a new era for logistics, inventory management, store keeping, waste minimisation, etc.   


4. Save on a Personal Assistant

You can’t expect an Amazon device to talk to you about your year-over-year growth. It certainly won’t greet your business associates with a smile and a warm cup of coffee, either. But the Echo promises to become a good pseudo-assistant once Amazon figures out how to make it more ‘personal’. For now, let’s settle for Alexa’s machine-like narrated rendition of your favorite book.  

5. Shop and Dash

There are many reasons the Amazon App is loved by the millions of people who use its features every day. One of these is the fact that it manages the Dash button connectivity for you. Like your order quick and easy? Dash it off and dash away, because Amazon’s got all Prime members covered. You press the button, and it sends out your order – it’s that easy. You have hundreds of buttons to choose from, one per product, and new brands are signing up every day.

6. Chase the Treasure Truck

You don’t see many children running frantically to catch the ice-cream truck these days. But you see grown-ups flocking to Amazon’s Treasure Truck bays in Seattle. They’re picking up a specific product on special that day.

7. Print Your Own Books

Publishing kindle, print and audio content has never been easier. Amazon Self-Publishing enables you to publish your eBook for free within hours and cash in royalties every month. There’s also all that free marketing to consider. Customers are given ‘You may also like’ suggestions with every book search, so it’s not hard to see why they call it the ‘Kindle Ecosystem’.

8. Buy Amazon Books In Store

Amazon Books brick-and-mortar shops stock nowhere near as many books as Amazon.com. Still, it helps to know that you can always drop by one of Amazon’s bookstores and glance at the rows of beautiful books on display for you.

Amazon Books




You scan the book’s barcode to check the price, and then pay using the Amazon App. You can also read genuine Amazon customer reviews and helpful buying hints displayed on the shelves.





9. Set Your Watch to Amazon

No doubt about it; Amazon will outlive us all. Even when the company’s long gone, its legacy will be there for many generations to come. Jeff Bezos is building a clock inside the Sierra Diablo Mountain Range that’s supposed to tell time accurately for the next ten millennia. The 10,000 Year Clock or The Clock of the Long Now, will synchronize with the Sun to keep time perfectly for our more advanced descendants.


10. Remember There’s a Greater Cause

Bezos may not have become a theoretical physicist, as he had once hoped. But he’s making headway in scientific exploration nonetheless. He’s trying to make space travel cheaper for private individuals by funding the Blue Origin project. He refurbishes reusable rockets for a fraction of what it costs space agencies to build new ones for every mission. So, you know your money will ultimately benefit future generations.



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