Amazon Account Monitoring

Do you need somebody to handle performance notifications and monitor your Account Health on a daily basis?

Are you on the lookout for an expert who knows how to fight listing suspensions when they happen? Let SellerEngine's Account Monitoring service to do it for you. We will keep you away from risk, while maximizing account performance.

Best-case scenario:

You’d like somebody to take over the task of keeping your performance and feedback score at optimum rates

Worst-case scenario:

You’d like somebody to fight to reinstate shut-down listings and prevent any recurring issues.

When to Hand Over Monitoring Your Amazon Account


  • You’re having trouble managing your feedback score and account health, and need an expert to take over to keep everything under Amazon’s set limits
  • You’ve set up a procedure on how you want your feedback and performance metrics acted on, and are ready to hand over the task to somebody else, freeing your time for more in-depth business processes
  • You’re on the lookout for a knowledgeable person to handle performance notifications so that you can get suspended listings back up again
  • You’re in search of an expert to ensure you stay clear of trouble for non-compliance with Amazon policy
  • You need somebody to connect the dots between your daily workflow and how it influences your performance, to improve your processes

What the Amazon Account Monitoring Service Involves

This service is meant to give you peace of mind, and save you resources better used in growing your business. This is what we can do on your behalf:

  • Respond to all Amazon notifications to keep you safe from account suspension, and prevent further warnings piling up against your account
  • Handle negative or neutral feedback as soon as ratings appear (address buyer concerns, and work with them to remove unfavourable feedback, or work with Amazon to have feedback removed, when appropriate)
  • Keep a close eye on your overall seller account performance, and notify you when you’re getting close to reaching a dangerous limit with Amazon
  • Give you suggestions on how to improve your workflow so you keep Account Health high and prevent warnings and notifications
  • Offer expert advice on any problem you may need help with regarding your Amazon business.

Here’s How We Can Help

There are clear benefits to our Amazon Account Monitoring package; being proactive about the warnings you get from Amazon can keep you safe from receiving a suspension notice. Working on your previous notifications can get listings for popular items back up again. You can have an expert monitoring your performance and handling the poor ratings on your transactions without breaking any Amazon rules. You’ll have our years of experience to rely on whenever you run into a problem you have never dealt with before, or that you’d rather have an expert opinion on before you act on it.

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The pricing for this service is $250 per calendar month.


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