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Repricing in real time is what Sellery does best. But we’d like to show you some of the other ways that it can be used to help you turn a profit, boost sales or improve your performance. Here’s how to use Sellery for a better, more effective and more profitable Amazon repricing strategy.





Sellery is more than just a repricer. SmartLists and Exports in Sellery can help you make the right decisions when needed. All you need to do is use SmartLists filters to group the inventory based on the criteria you need in your checkup. When you’ve finished grouping your items together, you can then export all that data for further analysis, feeding into your Amazon repricing strategy.


Here are some of the ways Sellery can help run your business smoothly in the long-term:


1. Update Stock Lists

Your inventory will need to be updated regularly. Sellery can help you sort it by inventory type, by supplier, or according to other criteria. Your stock list can then be exported in its entirety or selectively for an update, based on the information you need. The main advantage of using Sellery is that it can do this automatically for you when your stock levels reach a certain level.

Update Stock Lists

2. Check Sales Velocity

As you identify items from certain suppliers and evaluate your stock levels, Sellery will help you visualize and assess your sales velocity for those items. This will help you decide whether you want to continue ordering from them, and estimate when it would be best to replenish your stock

Sales Velocity on Amazon

3. Understand Seasonality

As you analyze the brands you stock, you can use Sellery’s SmartLists and Exports to gauge the impact of seasonality on your sales volume. This, in turn, will help you prepare for future sales seasons.

Understand Seasonality


4. Interpret Sales Ranks

Sales ranks fluctuate significantly throughout the season and even more so between seasons. Also, they correspond to very different sales volumes from one product category to the next. Using Sellery to apply different pricing strategies automatically will help you minimize your losses when the sales rank increases suddenly, and take advantage of peak times when there’s a sudden rise in demand.

Interpret Sales Rank

5. Maintain Flexible Pricing Models

Do you want to be more aggressive with your prices when the number of competitors drops suddenly? SmartLists can easily find that window of opportunity and notify you as soon as it arises.

Flexible Pricing Models

6. Stop Making Losses

Your best-sellers could be selling so well because there’s a demand for them. Or it could be because you’re selling them for far less than they’re worth, and possibly even making a loss on those items. Sellery can easily help you spot and price them differently.

Stop Making Losses

7. Sort Out Clearance Items

Clearance items. Enough said. You probably never thought you’d be able to get rid of all those listings. They’re all over the place, they’re leftovers from different suppliers that nobody’s interested in anymore, and they’re not making you a single dime. SmartLists to the rescue! They can join all these listings together in one place, making it easier for you to follow up on them.

Identify Clearance Items

8. Keep A Competitive Edge

There’s no shortage of competitors willing and able to undercut you. Sellery can easily spot when a competitor’s price is below your minimum price. It will reprice your listings against the next available (higher) offer any time you choose to be more aggressive with your Amazon repricing strategy.

Exclude offers on Amazon


If you’d like to know more about Sellery and how it can help your business grow now and well into the future, please visit the dedicated Sellery page available on our website.

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