Introducing the new FBA Small and Light program for US sellers

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 Please note we have posted an update about the FBA Small and Light Program. Check all the details here

FBA Small and Light program2

Selling small, low-cost and light products under $10 and 8oz.? Amazon has now just the thing for you – FBA Small and Light is a new low-cost fulfillment solution. It’s available for ASINs offered on




FBA Small and Light is available for items that generally:

•Weigh less than or equal to 8 ounces;

•Have dimensions less than or equal to 9x6x2 inches; and

•Priced under $10.


The FBA Small and Light program offers:

Lower fulfillment costs

The per-unit fulfillment fees are generally lower than regular FBA fulfillment fees.

Fulfillment Fee FBA Small and Light FBA (Small Standard-Size Non-Media)
Order Handling $0.00 $1.00 per order
Pick & Pack $1.72 per unit $1.04 per unit
Weight Handling
(Unit Weight + Packaging Weight*)
$0.09 per ounce (up to 8 oz.)
(Round up to the nearest whole ounce)
$0.50 per lb. (up to 1 lb.)
(Round up to the nearest whole pound)

Free Shipping for all customers

Offers will be available to Prime/ non-Prime customers with free shipping.

No minimum order requirements

Customers do not have to meet a minimum order amount to earn Free Shipping on products fulfilled through the program.

Amazon’s customer service and returns

Amazon provides fulfillment and customer service, which includes handling customer returns.


How to start

Sellers may join the program based on an invitation from an Amazon representative, or they can email their Seller ID/ name to and Amazon will get back to them with the next steps.  The email address is no longer valid as the program is no longer invitation-only.

The program is only eligible for on-Amazon orders.

Changes in your work flow

There are specific prep and packaging requirements for the FBA beta program for small and light selection (downloadable at FBA Small and Light Prep Requirements). The document covers information for China-based vendors, manufacturers, and warehouse partners as well.

Can you still list these small and light items as before while also trying the new option?

No, the same ASIN cannot be offered under two FBA programs. If an ASIN is enrolled in the Small and Light program, the same ASIN cannot be offered in standard FBA. However, you can have a Small and Light program offer and an MFN offer of the same product.


Who will the FBA Small and Light Program help?

This program will be of great help to people usually buying at stock-outs and sales and it looks like with Small and Light Amazon aims to encourage merchant-fulfilled sellers to try out FBA. It is indeed tempting to try it when there is no order handling fee and you only send in a small parcel.

We’ll see if Amazon uses the same price threshold when implementing this on other venues as well; they might decide that 10 gbp items in the UK are not considered as cheap as 10 usd items in the US.

Update on FBA Small and Light Program here


  1. Stephen Chapkis

    Can you please advise me if the FBA Small and Light Program would be advantageous for our product?
    It is “Face Off!” Card Game
    Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 4.8 x 3.6 inches
    Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
    ASIN: B006G2K2T0
    Price: $7.65
    Prime available

    Thank you

    • Maria

      Hi Stephen,

      Looks like your product fits the FBA Small and Light Program :).
      If you send the items to Amazon through this program you can save around $0.28 per item ($1.72+$0.09x6oz instead of $1+$1.04+$0.50)


  2. How to use FBA Small and Light program?

    I have wrote email but did not get feedback.

    With many thanks,


    • Maria

      Hello Zac,

      Where did you send the email?

      Zac, if you want to try this program you need to send your Amazon Storefront name (Seller name) to this email address as there are some eligibility requirements. They will contact you in order to get started (it can take up to 5-7 business days).

      This program is a fulfillment solution for certain fast-moving small and light products (ASINs) that are typically priced under $10. The Program is currently available for ASINs offered on only.

      I hope it helps,

  3. Sherry

    Will the items in this program be listed normally as far as the customers see it? Will the items show up the same in the search engine?

    Thank you, Sherry

  4. William Cross

    I believe the correct email for them is:

    Not the one listing on this page:

    • William Cross

      UPDATE: Incorrect, I apologize the Amazon rep sent me the wrong info, this is a feedback email. Either way, the email listed in this posting is incorrect and bounces.

      • Maria

        Hi William,

        We’ll update the post to show that the email address is no longer valid. They probably changed it as the program is no longer invitation-only.

        Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Is there still the amazon referral fee for these orders?

  6. Melissa

    Hi Alex,

    Amazon referral fees apply to most products sold on Amazon, and the amounts due will depend on the product category. So, FBA small and light products would still be subject to referral fees.
    We recently updated this 2014 blog post to reflect some guideline and fee changes, so please read the new version available at:


  7. Michael

    Here is a free FBA Calculator extension for Google Chrome

  8. Maria

    Thanks Michael, that’s neat.

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