1. Hi Paul Cole and Co. -Very helpful article, thank you. I wrote something similar a little while ago (re: what Amazon sellers are/are not suspended for) that may help shed additional light on the subject, for your readers:

  2. Brad

    I recently started an Amazon selling account. My wife has an account she uses for Amazon affiliate links. This is not a problem, is it?

  3. The point about not opening two accounts is so spot on.

  4. Bob Right

    Hello Sir

    I love everything you have wrote and they are all correct, I made some of the mistakes mentioned above and had to hire a AmazonSellerAdvocacy.org to get my account back, the appeal letter and business plan that was required is much harder to figure out than selling online.

    • Iulia Talanga

      Thanks for sharing that, Bob! We have an account rescue service ourselves, so best of luck with your appeal. Let us know if you need any advice from our experts.

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