Should You Pay Amazon to Label Your FBA Items?

Do you use FBA to sell any products that don’t qualify for stickerless inventory? If so, then you’ve probably gotten used to applying stickers to your products before shipping them to Amazon. Recently though, you might’ve seen this screen:

This gives you the option to pay Amazon to apply labels to your inventory for you! Currently the service costs $.20 per unit.As I’m writing this, Office Depot is offering a box of 100 sheets of 30 labels for $26.99. That’s about 0.9 cents (NOT .9 dollars, remember that Verizon fiasco?) for each label. And Laser cartridges cost anywhere from $30 to $100 and are advertised to print as many as 2500 pages. Even with an expensive cartridge, you’re still talking about a tenth of a cent per label.

So the physical cost for each label is about a penny (not including the cost of the computer and printer, which I’ll just assume you already have). Much cheaper than the 20 cents charged by Amazon. But if you’re labeling a huge number of products, have margins that can absorb the extra cost, or just want to have the extra time to focus on your business instead of labeling items, then this service might be worth the extra cost to you. There are only so many hours in a day and as a small business owner, you know how valuable they are.

Do you have any other tips for saving time or money when it comes to product labeling? If you let Amazon label your items, what do you think of the service? Did you find an error in my math (I double-checked it, I promise!)? Let me know by leaving a comment, sending me an email or getting in touch through Twitter, @SellerEngine.

+Paul Cole

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