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Amazon Automate Pricing: some sellers concerned over Price Wars

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By now, you may have noticed the ‘Automate Pricing’ tab in SellerCentral under the ‘Pricing’ header. This is a recently released free tool, currently in Beta phase, whereby you can assign rules to automatically change your prices.
This article aims to be, inasmuch as possible, an objective review of seller reactions to Amazon Automate Pricing, as well as a report on how the tool’s repricing mechanism works, according to Amazon. Continue Reading…

7 reasons for automatic repricing, even with a small inventory

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intelligent repricing


Ask any number of sellers which are the major factors that contribute to one’s online success, and the majority would always name repricing amongst them. Whether you do it by hand, or automatically, repricing is important because it takes a large number of aspects into account.
At SellerEngine, we focus on a subset of automatic repricing that we like to call Intelligent Repricing.



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Competition data is delivered by Amazon in buckets. Wait, what is a bucket!?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

bucketsPeople use software like Sellery, SellerEngine Plus, and Profit Bandit to retrieve information about items on Amazon because it’s much faster and more efficient than looking up the information yourself on the Amazon web site. But how do third-party software programs get data from Amazon? Do they search on Amazon like you would? No. That would be slow, inefficient, inaccurate and unreliable. Instead Amazon provides a tool (known in software development as an API) that makes it easy for third-party software to interact with the information available on Amazon venues.

You’re probably wondering what’s the catch, right? Read on to find out.


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See What’s New in Sellery!

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Is it the FBA or the FBM Buy Box?

Thanks to some behind-the-scenes magic, Sellery can tell you whether the Buy Box offer is FBB or MFN.

FBM Buy Box

You’ll be able to create smart lists and reprice accordingly.


You can even take the buy box fulfillment channel into account when creating special cases.

Always Keep an Eye on the Lowest Prices

Check out the new tab in Sellery’s inventory view, Buy Box + Lowest Prices.

Buy Box and Lowest Prices!

You’ll see the lowest used and new prices, as well as the buy box offers and their fulfillment channel.

Even better? You can use the prices shown here as a variable when creating pricing rules and smart lists.

Below you can see how you can use any combination of condition and fulfillment channel when leveraging lowest price in a pricing strategy.

Pricing Strategy

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Sellery is the Amazon repricing tool that will win you the craved Amazon Buy Box, and make sure you don’t give in to your competitors. With smart filters that monitor the market and react to changes instantly, reassigning pricing strategies to secure your most profitable and most competitive position, the Buy Box is in the bag.

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What if everybody was repricing using SellerEngine Plus or Sellery?

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I don’t understand how this works. If a million sellers use SellerEngine’s software to automatically reprice their inventory, how long before everyone is selling books for a penny?  It is impossible for everyone to have the lowest price on line, but it is possible for the price to drop to the point where it is not worth listing.

Keep reading to learn the answer to this great question.

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When Should You Start Repricing?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One of questions I get from Amazon sellers all the time is, “Is my business/inventory/sales big enough for me to start using repricing software?”

This can be a tricky question to answer and depends on several factors. Keep reading to find out more.

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Making the Most of Reference Price in Sellery

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reference Price is a field in Sellery that’s available for you to use however you want.

Today, we’ll look at how you can add and update the Reference Price for your products as well as how it can be applied to your pricing strategies.

Keep reading to learn more.

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Amazon Repricing Playbook: The Pyramid

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Data ScienceAmazon is the king of repricing. They have an inventory of tens of millions of items (maybe even hundreds of millions, once you add in digital items).

And they’re always experimenting with pricing strategies. Depending, on the item, the season, the marketplace and other factors, Amazon might apply different repricing strategies to the items they sell.

Today we’re going to look at a page out of the Amazon Repricing Playbook. We’ll analyze the strategy Amazon used to reprice a book on data science (don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on me). Keep reading to learn more.

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