Ready to be Amazed? Real-time Repricing is Here

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Blink and You’ll Miss it

Recently we released update to Sellery that uses Amazon’s new Subscriptions API.

Sellery now receives pricing events notifications directly from Amazon that allow you to react and reprice in real time.

Watch and let Michael show you how Sellery is able to respond to a change in a competitor’s price in less than 3 minutes.

Pay close attention. It’s amazing how fast Sellery is able to recognize that your competitor has changed his price and react accordingly.

You’ll see that Sellery can react before Amazon has time to update the product’s offers page!

Real-time repricing is here.

Real-time repricingBut don’t worry. This real-time repricing won’t just lead to a race to the bottom. With the help of Mike and the Sellery support team, you’ll be able to implement a nearly infinite variety of real-time repricing strategies that will help your business grow.

Start repricing with Sellery today. There’s no risk and no commitment. Email us to learn more!

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