Amazon Account Holder Digest III 2019

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Amazon Digest 2019


It’s nearly spring, and we can’t wait for Q2 to start. But until then, let’s see what the Amazon account holder digest has to say. Will this month’s instalment of seller news be good for your business?


Voice of the Customer Dashboard Launched

The Amazon Voice of the Customer dashboard has been released. It gives sellers access to customer feedback and highlights problem products. And it gives them the ability to fix common issues right away. Features also include a color coded health rating for every product. Please follow our blog for more information.

LTSF Inventory Cleanup

The next Amazon FBA long-term storage fee inventory cleanup takes place on March 15, 2019. According to the latest Amazon fee schedule, sellers will be charged for items stored for more than 365 days on March 15. Amazon will apply whichever of these two fees is higher: either the long-term storage fee (based on volume) or the minimum long-term storage fee of $0.15 per unit.

Project Zero Is On

Amazon now allows brands to oversee product authenticity themselves. A new program called Project Zero asks them to use special serial numbers for all the products sold on Amazon. The program gives them access to a self-service tool that deletes counterfeit listings.

In short, brand owners no longer need to report foul play to Amazon. Instead, they can delist items themselves. Having serial numbers specific to Amazon is also very important. On the one hand, no counterfeit items would ever leave a fulfillment center. On the other, this may gradually ‘lock in’ products for sale exclusively on Amazon.

Project Zero

Self-service counterfeit removal page

Traction for Spares

Merchants can sign up to Ars Applica using their Amazon seller code. The website uses the Partfinder tool to help customers find spare parts and accessories. All it needs is the booklets and accessory information. People looking for spares will then be directed to Amazon.

Amazon is interested in specific products for now. If you sell computer drives, printer ink, and household appliances, among others, this may be for you. But bear in mind that the Ars Applica website is currently not run with a secure connection.

$50 Off Campaigns

Amazon is offering new Sponsored Products users $50 in free clicks. Sellers who qualify should be able to see a notification in Seller Central. Look under Reports > Payments > Advertising Invoice History for a message with the heading: ‘Promotional credit available’.

All Sellers Can View Business Orders

Amazon highlights orders placed by business customers using a badge visible in order reports. The functionality used to only be available to Business sellers. It’s now being extended to regular sellers, making the Order Reports and MWS fields available to them as well.

To view business orders in Seller Central Order Reports, add the “Is Business Order?” column to your reports. To enable the feature via MWS API, change the “IsBusinessOrder” field in your Orders API.

Show Your Diversity Certifications

Pro sellers can now add over 150 diversity certifications to their profile and listings. They show a commitment to a diverse working environment. Suppliers who employ people from a variety of minority groups should consider displaying them. They are visible to all Business Customers. It doesn’t matter if they were issued within or outside their state or country.

Royal Mail Raises Prices

Royal Mail prices will rise for all customers on March 25, 2019. A standard 1st class stamp will cost 70p, while a barcoded letter will start at 40p. A 2nd class stamp will cost 61p (despite a price cap of 60p being in place until April). A variety of other products and services will cost more. With the falling pound, the change is unlikely to affect international sellers much. The full business price guide is available here.

Pop-Up Stores Die Out

Amazon Pop-Ups are being shut down. Currently located in Kohl’s, Whole Foods stores, and various shopping malls, these kiosks will gradually disappear. Amazon will instead be focusing its brick-and-mortar investment on Amazon 4-star and Amazon Books stores. Some kiosks will continue to run. According to CBSNews, they’ll sell products made exclusively by Amazon. There are also rumors that Amazon is about to launch a new grocery store business.

Add Seller News Recipients

Seller News emails have always been sent to the email address on file. But sellers can now ask Amazon to send them to several email addresses at a time. To add up to three email recipients, edit the Business Updates section in Notification Preferences.

Russian Sellers Pay VAT

New Russian tax laws require Amazon to apply VAT on fees paid by sellers based in Russia. Selling on Amazon fees, monthly subscription fees, and advertising fees now come with 20% extra in VAT. All Russia-based sellers must pay it, regardless of the status of their VAT registration.

Amazon Promises Eco Shipments

Amazon wants to go green by 2030. The goal is for half of all Amazon shipments to produce zero carbon by then. Spearheading this effort is a campaign called Shipment Zero. It’s an ambitious plan than involves investment in aviation biofuels, reusable packaging, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.

The Dawn of Amazon Day

Amazon thinks Shipment Zero targets can be reached with more efficient deliveries. To that end, it’s giving Prime members in the USA more control. If they choose to have all their deliveries made on the same day of the week, Amazon promises fewer deliveries and less boxes. To benefit from this service, buyers need to sign up to Amazon Day Delivery.

Amazon Workers Wear Robot-Proof Vest

Amazon now issues safety wearables to workers in dozens of fulfillment centers. To avoid accidents, workers must wear their Robotic Tech Vest. It makes robots in the area aware that there are humans working nearby.

Dash Button Is Out

Nearly four years since it was launched, Amazon Dash is being phased out. Dash buttons are no longer being sold by Amazon. As the Dash Replenishment feature is being built into more and more devices, it seems logo buttons are losing their appeal.

UK Buyers Can ‘Follow Interests’

The profiles of UK buyers now feature a ‘Follow interests’ section. It’s similar to the one American users can see on their profiles. Choosing an ‘interest’ will only make it visible to the buyer, but the list of chosen interests stays the same across venues. Other sections, such as Pets, Household, Garage, and Spark, have not yet been carried over to UK accounts.

Follow Interests

Screenshot of an Amazon UK profile page, as seen on Mar. 9, 2019

Time for Amazon Moments

Amazon launched a customer loyalty program. It uses a self-service console called Amazon Moments. Here’s how it works:

  • Sellers invest some money in the program.
  • Amazon preferentially advertises their products by mentioning an incentive to buyers.
  • When customers reach a certain target at purchase or afterwards, they get Amazon credit.




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