Sales Tax 101: Nexus

Ed. Note: This post is part of our Sales Tax 101 series, created with help from our friends at TaxJar.

The Basics of Sales Tax Nexus

Online sellers must collect sales tax in states or localities where they have “sales tax nexus.”

While all states have a slightly different definition of this term, sales tax nexus is generally defined as “presence” in a state that’s significant enough so that a business has to comply with the state’s sales tax law.

Presence can include – but is not limited to – an office, an employee or inventory in a warehouse.

If you have sales tax nexus in a state that requires sales tax collection, then you’re required to collect sales tax from all buyers in that state regardless from where the item is shipped.

If you do not have sales tax nexus in a state, then you’re not required to collect sales tax when you sell online to buyers in that state (regardless from where the item is shipped).

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See What’s New in Sellery!

Is the Buy Box FBA or MFN?

Thanks to some behind-the-scenes magic, Sellery can tell you whether the Buy Box offer is FBA or MFN.


You’ll be able to create smart lists and reprice accordingly.


You can even take the buy box fulfillment channel into account when creating special cases.

Always Keep an Eye on the Lowest Prices

Check out the new tab in Sellery’s inventory view, Buy Box + Lowest Prices.

Buy Box and Lowest Prices!

You’ll see the lowest used and new prices, as well as the buy box offers and their fulfillment channel.

Even better? You can use the prices shown here as a variable when creating pricing rules and smart lists.

Below you can see how you can use any combination of condition and fulfillment channel when leveraging lowest price in a pricing strategy.

Pricing Strategy

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What if everybody was repricing using SellerEngine Plus or Sellery?

I don’t understand how this works. If a million sellers use SellerEngine’s software to automatically reprice their inventory, how long before everyone is selling books for a penny?  It is impossible for everyone to have the lowest price on line, but it is possible for the price to drop to the point where it is not worth listing.

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