Why You Need to Be a Repricing Scientist

Repricing ScientistSetting prices when you’re competing with other sellers can seem simple. You can lower your price to be more competitive, raise it to preserve your profit margin or leave it alone at your preferred selling price.

But what about when you don’t have any competition? What do you do when…

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What is Amazon Platinum Seller Status?

Platinum barsIs Amazon Platinum Status Real?

The most common things I hear when someone online mentions Amazon Platinum Seller Status are:

  • That’s not a real thing.
  • I think you’re confusing Amazon and eBay.

However, Amazon Platinum Seller Status is very real indeed.

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Attention Global Amazon Sellers: Save When Bringing Money Home

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from WorldFirst, our new partner. Together we’re providing better rates than Amazon and big banks when it comes to bring your international ecommerce sales home.

When running a business, you’re always looking for ways to protect your bottom line. And for marketplace sellers, there’s the added challenge of saving money when repatriating your overseas profits.

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Amazon Seller Conference 2014: A Look Back, Part 1 of 2

It’s been just a week since the SCOE 2014 Amazon Seller’s Conference in Seattle.

SCOE is the Seller’s Conference for Online Entrepreneurs. Each year over 200 Amazon sellers and dozens of companies who make tools for online entrepreneurs (like SellerEngine) come to Seattle to listen to talks by industry experts, learn about what’s new in the world of Amazon, and connect with each other. It’s a great opportunity to pick up tips for growing your Amazon business.

Keep reading to find out why I thought this was the best Amazon Seller’s conference ever and why you should definitely come to SCOE next year!

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