Top 12 Wittiest Customer Reactions to Amazon Prime Day

Funny tongue out giraffe



Amazon celebrated its 20th birthday with an ambitious mid-July discount bonanza to rival Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While it sold nearly 400 items per second over the course of this 24-hour event held on July 15, and more Amazon Prime members signed up that day than ever before, this first ever Prime Day was met with mixed reactions.

If you’d like to feast your eyes on a few social media wisecracks, then why not read on?

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Guest post: Meet 888 Lots

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Alex Valchev from 888Lots. 

888 Lots is an innovative online liquidation platform that gives online sellers new opportunities to expand their business.

At 888 Lots, we are trying to build the most advanced and intuitive liquidation platform crafted especially for online sellers. What we offer is surplus inventory, wholesale lots and liquidation sales. We carry over 100,000 items of brand new merchandise across more than 30 categories, and we do all this without compromising on our customer service quality. We also give you the possibility to make profits of up to 5 times your initial cost thanks to our great margins.

Here is a little more information about some of our key benefits for you as an online seller.

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Guest Post: Meet “Remove My Background”

Product Image Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Lewis Bezzina from

Remove My Background is useful for any Amazon seller who wants to create product details pages. Every product on Amazon needs one or more product images with pure white background. Read more to see how Remove My Background can help you edit your images to meet Amazon requirements.


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5 Ways Amazon’s Enhanced Reviews May Really Be Better

Amazon Enhanced Reviews


Amazon recently revised its star rating system based on the age, helpfulness and legitimacy of the transaction. It also introduced review ranking formulas to weed out unworthy reviews, or at least send them closer to the end of the line. The change has not gone unnoticed, but it’s still a bit early to gauge a clear reaction from sellers.

Do you think this could be a positive change? Read on to puzzle it out.


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VAT Returns – First Base Knowledge



So, you’ve decided to start selling internationally. Wonderful! You’ve gone through the VAT registration process for a European country; now it’s time to start thinking about filing the VAT return. Don’t worry! We are here to help make that experience as painless as possible!



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Valid Tracking Rate – the 1st in a series of Seller Central changes

Tracking Metrics


The Plot Thickens: Valid Tracking Rates are Here

As major carriers started providing tracking numbers free of charge in the U.S., Amazon announced the Valid Tracking Rate; a new metric available in Seller Central that started on July 7th. Amazon is encouraging all sellers to take advantage of the fact that tracking numbers are free by offering them on all their shipments.




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Guest Post: Meet JoeLister

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Kit Wu from JoeLister.

JoeLister is most useful for our FBA clients interested in expanding to other platforms. This might be the simple solution you were actually in search of to increase your sales.

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7 Essential Condition Guidelines for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Condition Guidelines


What’s the buzz about condition guidelines?

Amazon forums are all abuzz with the chatter of sellers who’ve had their accounts suspended. It seems failure to comply with condition guidelines has reached epidemic proportions. As more and more sellers have a bee in their bonnet about it, we thought it’s high time we gave you a honey of a list to tick off as you describe your products.

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