Weekly News Round-up

What’s been going on this week in the world of Amazon?

Taxes are the Real Hunger Games - Are you concerned about how collecting sales tax may affect your business? I don’t think this is an issue that’s just going to go away. Contact your elected officials and make your voice heard. If taxes don’t get your heart pumping, let’s just talk about The Hunger Games instead!

Kiva Systems Purchased by Amazon - A $775 million investment in robotic technology. Talk about a commitment to the future of fulfillment! If you want to see how amazing these robots are, check out this video of them “dancing.”

Buy Button Vanishes on Kindle Store - Now you see it, now you don’t! The Buy Button disappeared for hours on the Kindle Store this past Tuesday. Hope this doesn’t ever happen on the main site.

Amazon Wrings Profits from Fulfillment - 36% of Amazon shipments now come from MFN or FBA sellers. WOW! I wonder how much higher that number can get. 50%? 75%? Do you think we’ll ever see Amazon acting as a “virtual mall” with nothing but third party sellers?

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+Paul Cole

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