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"I love Profit Bandit! Without it, I wouldn't have an Amazon business! Profit Bandit makes sure I turn a profit on everything I sell!"

-Diana, Seller

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Unlimited scanning on Android and iPhone, only $9.99 per month.

Lightning Fast Scanning

Scan any barcode in 5 seconds. Use a bluetooth scanner (with optional in-app purchase) for even faster scanning.

Know Who Has the Buy Box

An asterisk next to an offer shows you who has the Buy Box. It’s not always the lowest price!

Highlights Amazon's Offer

An offer highlighted in a brown box lets you know if you’ll be competing against Amazon themselves.

Calculates Profit Based On 15 Factors

Over 15 factors, including weight, Amazon fees, your cost of goods, shipping rates and more go into calculating your estimated Amazon profit.

Crystal Clear Profit Calculation

Tap your estimated profit and see how it was calculated, down to the penny.

Sales Rank at a Glance

See if you’ve got a hot item on your hands. Search on CamelCamelCamel and review historical Sales Rank and price data, too!

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Why You’ll Love Profit Bandit:

Whether you’re hunting for inventory at trade shows, big-box retail stores, library sales, thrift shops or anywhere else, Profit Bandit will become the Amazon assistant you can’t live without.

Start using the #1 mobile Amazon seller software on the market today.

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