What if everybody was repricing using SellerEngine Plus or Sellery?

I don’t understand how this works. If a million sellers use SellerEngine’s software to automatically reprice their inventory, how long before everyone is selling books for a penny?  It is impossible for everyone to have the lowest price on line, but it is possible for the price to drop to the point where it is not worth listing.

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Important Profit Bandit Announcement

At SellerEngine, we have worked for over 12 years with a simple goal in mind:

Provide the tools and support that Amazon sellers need to start and grow their businesses.

Since 2012 Profit Bandit has been made available for over 20,000 Amazon sellers without a monthly service fee.

However, beginning on June 4, a $9.99 monthly subscription will be required for unlimited use of Profit Bandit on Android devices (Subscriptions for iPhones/iPads coming soon).

This subscription will be required for both current and new Profit Bandit users.

Start your subscription here. Remember to sign in using your existing Profit Bandit account credentials.

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Sales Tax 101: Talking the Talk

Are you baffled by sales tax? Today we’re going to help you start making sense of sales tax by defining the terms and phrases that are the most commonly used when talking about sales tax.

Keep reading to boost your sales tax vocabulary. And over the next few weeks, we’ll keep talking sales tax, with the help of our friends from TaxJar.

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Tweet all about it!

If you’re a Twitter user and an Amazon shopper, you will love this! You’re now able to add items to your Amazon shopping cart with a single tweet, including the hashtag #AmazonCart.

Can you think of a better way for Amazon to attract new customers and let them add items to their shopping cart?

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Sales Rank Percentage

One of the most commonly asked questions by Amazon sellers is, “What’s a good rank for toys?” (or any other category).

Today we’re going to talk about how to answer this question yourself and to better understand Sales Rank Percentage.

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Win $100 – Leave a Profit Bandit Review and Rating!

We Need Your Help!

To improve Profit Bandit’s ranking on the iTunes and Google Play app stores, we need more reviews and ratings!

Amazon Gift CardBe one of the first 10 people to leave a review after reading this blog post and receive a $10 Amazon Gift card!

Leave a Profit Bandit review before Friday, May 9th and we’ll enter you  in a  drawing to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Make sure complete this survey after leaving a review to be eligible for the gift card.

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The Emerging Global Web

Do you want to find out how Instagram is being used as an online marketplace for livestock, plants and dried fruit?

Keep reading to learn more about the emerging global web.

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