Weekly Amazon News Round-Up

This week in Amazon news, Staples is closing 200 stores, Forbes gives advice on avoiding sales tax and Oscar winners see a bump in Amazon sales.

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Understanding Amazon’s Gated Product Categories

People call Amazon the Everything Store because you can buy just about anything there.

But for Amazon sellers, it should be called the Nearly Everything Store because you can’t sell everything there, at least not without Amazon’s permission.

Confused? Keep reading to understand Amazon’s gated product categories.

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Build a Business, Not a Sandcastle

Starting Your Business

We’re just going to come out and say it:

Amazon  is the easiest way to start selling on-line.

Keep reading to find out why we think this is true and how you can get started selling online.

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New Shipping Rates and Delivery Dates for Amazon.it

If you run a business on amazon.it then you must be aware of the new shipping and delivery changes that took place last week.

This is just a reminder for sellers having an account on Amazon Italy that the delivery rates and delivery estimations changed for Books, Music, Video and DVD products.

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Amazon Repricing Playbook: The Pyramid

Data ScienceAmazon is the king of repricing. They have an inventory of tens of millions of items (maybe even hundreds of millions, once you add in digital items).

And they’re always experimenting with pricing strategies. Depending, on the item, the season, the marketplace and other factors, Amazon might apply different repricing strategies to the items they sell.

Today we’re going to look at a page out of the Amazon Repricing Playbook. We’ll analyze the strategy Amazon used to reprice a book on data science (don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on me). Keep reading to learn more.

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