Essential Resources for Amazon Sellers

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Always wanted a mobile SellerCentral app for your smartphone? SellerMobile lets you update quantities, prices and more. All from your smartphone! John Heathco, creator of SellerMobile, wrote to us a few months ago. We tried out his app and really like it. It’s only available for iPhone right now, but an Android version is coming soon.

Succeeding in Your Business

Succeed in your business with taxation expert and syndicated newspaper columnist Cliff Ennico. A great place to learn more about the confusing tax issues that apply to online retailers. Cliff gave a great talk on advanced tax issues for Amazon sellers! My favorite piece of advice? The more fun something is, the less likely it is to be tax deductible.

That Kat

Spend an hour a week listening to e-commerce expert Kat Simpson interview other industry experts on That Kat! Radio. Stay aware of new trends and learn about software and services that can help your business grow! We’ve been on her show a few times to talk about Profit Bandit, Sellery and SellerEngine Plus. It’s always great fun and we learn a lot, too!

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

Keep track of your small business finances all in one place with GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping. Makes taxes and record keeping easy! If you’re struggling to keep all your financial data straight, give GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping, formerly known as Outright, a try.

Official Amazon Forums

Amazon’s Seller Community Forums

The official place to go to get answers to your questions about selling on Amazon. These forums are provided by Amazon and you’ll find lots of helpful sellers here. With sub-forums on FBA, account set-up, customer service and more, there are plenty of sellers here looking to share information. Forums

These forums provide the same benefits as those above, just specifically for sellers. Cheers!

Facebook Groups, Other Forums and Valuable Links

Profit Bandit FBA Sellers Group

Provided free of charge by SellerEngine and Profit Bandit, this Facebook group is THE place to go to talk about FBA selling, share Profit Bandit tips and tricks, stay up to date on news about Amazon and connect with sellers around the world.

Stay at Home Moms Selling on eBay

Don’t be dissuaded by the group’s title! Most of the discussions are focused on Amazon sales and if you’re at all interested in retail arbitrage, group members are experts in scouting, sourcing and maximizing profits. This is a great resource for newbies and experts alike.

3P Community

A great group for all 3rd-party Amazon sellers. A wonderful place to ask questions and discuss ideas with other sellers.

Amazon Sellers

Another great Facebook forum where sellers of all experience levels can ask questions and learn from each other. A can’t miss!

Yahoo! Groups FBAForum

An active group of FBA sellers swapping information and answering questions. Also available as a daily digest email.

Thrifting for Profit

A blog with reviews of thrifting tools and other great information for those who thrift for profit.

OSI Rockstars

A forum of dedicated Amazon sellers sharing information and receiving coaching and advice from Janelle Elms.

Ebay Selling Coach

Suzanne Arant Wells knows more about Amazon and eBay than just about everyone and she shares tons of great tips on her blog!


A collection of discussion forums and information about what could be the next big thing in Amazon sales, curated by Jordan Malik.