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Amazon Glossary for Online Sellers

amazon glossary

Our Glossary for Commonly used Phrases and Acronyms for Amazon Sellers will help you keep up to date with Amazon’s special vocabulary.

We’re starting with this list of commonly used terms, but we’ll be updating it on a regular basis.

Amazon Glossary

Amazon has its own unique list of terms and acronyms that any seller needs to know to be successful. Download our glossary, and get started understanding Amazon’s language.


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Customer Support Strategies for Amazon Sellers Ebook

Customer Support Strategies

This ebook is meant to give you some insight into what it means to both offer professional customer support to your clients and also to keep your Amazon account out of trouble.

We’re going to teach you what you need to know in order to be on top of things at all times, from handling customer complaints and Amazon warnings, to writing a good appeal if your account ever gets suspended.

Quality Customer Support

The power of a good CRM strategy should not be underestimated. It can bring you good performance metrics, keep your feedback score high, it can even make the difference between staying in business and losing your Amazon account. That’s because quality customer support implies good customer retention and hence higher chances of expansion.


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Intelligent Repricing Strategies for Amazon Sellers Ebook

Intelligent Repricing Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Automated repricing can be simple. It doesn’t usually require a lot of input from you and might not require a lot of thought either. But the possibilities and the results of simple automatic repricing can be limited, and sometimes devastating, if you make a mistake and don’t correct it.

Intelligent repricing

Unlike simple automated repricing, which relies only on software, you’re the most important part of Intelligent Repricing. You’ll start by using your knowledge of your inventory’s past performance, like seasonal sales trends. Then you’ll consider your expectations for future performance, as well as your existing pricing strategies to develop an intelligent repricing strategy with the software you choose.


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