SellerEngine Plus Change Log

SellerEngine Plus 3.3.11 – March 31, 2015


  • Integrated MWS token required by Amazon.

SellerEngine Plus 3.3.10 – September 18, 2014

New Features/Improvements:

  • New FBA Shipment Manager with tabs for Shipping Session, All Working & Local, Shipped/Transit, Closed, Cancelled.
  • Search for SKUs in FBA Shipments.
  • Dynamic barcode width lets you use longer or shorter labels, or adjust barcode alignment as needed.
  • Ignore Megasellers when creating filters in your repricing rules. This means you can ignore Amazon’s own offer.
  • You can now change the Paid Price and Min/Max Price fields directly in the inventory grid.
  • All schemas are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Use the new Add to FBA Shipment button to add a highlighted  selection of items into a shipment.
  • A new “Price changed by” column displays the difference between the “Price” and “Last Price” columns.

SellerEngine Plus 3.2.12 – June 26, 2013

Bug Fixes:

  • The default SKU no longer creates SKUs which could have duplicates or cause errors.
  • Adjusting column widths now works correctly and retains after restarting.
  • Retrieving biblio information the first time is faster.
  • Barcodes on FBA FNSKU labels are larger and adjusted based on the label width.
  • “Listed on Amazon” is retrieved correctly and retrying up to 3 times if the information is missing.
  • Fixed some issues pertaining to installing on Windows 2003/2008 the setup is now checking for msvcrt.dll file in system folder.
  • Fixed some issues with errors showing after retry on internal error.

Known Issues:

When importing using “Amazon Tab Separated” format some users may receive an error that the field is too small.

When adding an inventory item from the Inventory > Add Other Item > Other Item menu, you receive an error and are unable to add the other item type.


  • We have implemented manual signup of MWS for use when the MWS pipeline is not available.
  • Added ‘My Price’ to the selection list for ‘If I have the Buy Box for this item’ so your price does not change when you have the Buy Box.
  • Tax Code can now be easily set in Quick Add for FBA shipments.
  • Added detailed reprice statistics (click on “Elapsed time” section of the bottom bar). The statistics can be saved in a file and sent to support if the reprice does not seem to be working for further troubleshooting.

SellerEngine Plus 3.2.7 – April 24, 2013

Bug Fixes:

  • Profit Bandit files can be imported again.
  • No errors when using Advanced Search for Product Type is Other as a Condition.
  • Non-FBA account holders who select account type “Seller Central + FBA” can now download the ALR report without issues.
  • Removed the “Amazon Listing Warning” for collectible items priced below List price since this is no longer accurate.
  • Customize Columns now works after closing and reopening SellerEngine Plus.
  • Some automatic reprice bugs have been addressed.
  • Some invalid pointer issues have been addressed.
  • The FBA Shipping Address no longer produces an error when using an address outside of US.
  • When using second or third lowest price and they are not available, it now shows as unavailable instead of pricing against a wrong price.
  • The barcode in the inventory labels now prints correctly and is able to be scanned.
  • When Auto Repricing, Checking # remaining functions after the first check again.
  • Using Import > Download and Import Listings from Amazon (ActiveListings+AFN) in a fresh database correctly imports the file.
  • Fixed some crashes caused by closing SellerEngine Plus.
  • Fixed a crash related to using an account with FBA license active and selecting account type Seller Central only during install.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to close while running Automatic Reprice.
  • Download and Import the last generated listings available on Amazon is working correctly again on UK and DE with unified accounts.
  • When logging in,  ”Fill in details about your Amazon account,” the first option is automatically  checked when FBA license is not present.
  • Edition no longer shows twice in the inventory grid.

Known Issues:

When first opened, the grid columns show all squished together. Clicking the ‘Customize Grid Columns’ button, even if you don’t edit them fixes this.


We have added a ‘Customize Grid Columns’ button in inventory so you can quickly and easily customize the columns available.

SellerEngine Plus 3.2.4 – December 12, 2012

3.2.4 is currently available through our website, your software will not alert you to this release. Please look over the change log and decide if you’d like to update to this version.


  • Users no longer need to copy and paste MWS information when signing up, we have implemented a pipeline for users to sign up for MWS directly through Amazon. Please see our help documentation at – (link) for assistance signing up through the pipeline.
  • Import your Profit Bandit .csv file to speed up FBA shipments or for further research.
  • Added an option to specify the number of cartons the shipment has when printing packing slips.
  • Included ListedState in the Advanced Search options so searching for only FBA or MFN items is possible.
  • We have added a Tax Code Column. This does not populate after an inventory download. Use the Product Tax Code only if you are sure that you are tax-enabled in Seller Central and you have Amazon tax codes for all your products. If no entry is provided, the item will default to your seller-defined default product tax code if configured, otherwise “A_GEN_NOTAX” will be used. If you want to delete a previous value enter “Default”.

Bug Fixes:

  • Backing up inventory no longer errors when exporting in SellerEngine Plus inventory format.
  • Sorting by Price+shipping and repricing no longer causes errors.
  • We automatically edit large logos for best print performance on invoices.
  • Resizing the active window no longer makes the scroll bars resize improperly.
  • Product Features are now available as a column in Inventory.
  • Custom Condition is now able to be saved in a template.
  • When exporting a custom file, the load/save field associations now work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with any non ascii character received in order reports.
  • When running for long periods of time fixes have been made so crashes are less likely to occur.
  • Sales Rank is now sorted correctly when using Lookup on Amazon.
  • Fixed a crash when doing a search based on the reprice schema.
  • Changed “Seller ID” to “Merchant ID” in the MWS credentials preferences.
  • Repricing with existing data no longer losing the information “I have the BuyBox”.
  • The Edition column is no longer duplicated in the list of available columns in the column picker.
  • When downloading reports from Amazon and they get cancelled for whatever reason, the software does not continue to try and process these reports any longer.
  • The column “My Shipping on Amazon” is now set to null instead of 0 when the item is not listed.
  • Several small crash error fixes to make the program more stable.

Known Issues:

  • Customizing columns does not save correctly upon exit.
  • Quick add does not always print labels correctly when adding to shipment.
  • Right clicking in Inventory to add items to shipment causes errors if you select over 100 items.
  • Download and Import the last generated listings available on Amazon is not working on UK and DE with unified accounts. As a workaround, please continue to do a regular Download and import.
  • When signing in accounts are defaulted to a Seller Central + FBA account even if they do not have an FBA account. Please confirm you select the right settings.

SellerEngine Plus 3.1 – October 4, 2012


  • Added Support for Logos and Business Names in packing slips.
  • Added the option before/after filtering when refering MegaSeller price in the limits.
  • If a payment fails we now include the subscription number in our communication to users.
  • Set Maximum price is now an option.
  • Pressing the enter key when searching in the title box now activates the Lookup on Amazon function.
  • Added No Reprice check box in the edit window under Selling Details.
  • Paid Price is now an option you can add to your SKU.
  • FBA shipping report now prints the entire title and does not cut off information.
  • There is now an EAN column and a Minimum Price column available in the inventory view.
  • When exporting items the order is now preserved.
  • In the View panel you can now choose only MFN or only FBA items.
  • The UPC and EAN columns are now able to be searched and used in Advanced Search.
  • Configuring columns in the FBA shipment screen can now be done using drag and drop.
  • You can now search for many more fields, including: FBA Warehouse Condition, Buy Box New Price+Shipping, Buy Box Used Price+Shipping, Custom Condition, Edition, Expedited Shipping, FNSKU, I have the Buy Box, Image URL, List Price, Media, Media Number, My Price on Amazon, My Shipping on Amazon, No Reprice, Amazon Quantity (FBA), Shipment Quantity, Reprice Schema, Weight, Artists, Director, Format, Platform Size, Number of Listings, Number of Listings with condition New, Number of Listings with condition Used, Number of Listings with condition Collectible

Bug fixes:

  • Cue Cat scanners work with Add again.
  • Made a few error messages more easy to understand.
  • Fixed some issues with importing duplicates when an item in inventory had a null value.
  • Problem with repricing multiple items in the US version fixed.
  • Replenishing items by UPC code or items that were chosen with the ASIN selector now works with the duplicate item warning.
  • Scheduling Automatic repricing now works when you click OK instead of Start Now you can now sort Price+Shipping and My Price+Shipping on Amazon columns.
  • Several bug report and crashing fixes.
  • FBA Packing slips should not be cut off anymore.
  • Exporting SellerEngine Plus complete inventory includes all fields.
  • Small text display issues have been fixed.
  • UIEE export for publication date has been changed to the correct ‘yyyymmdd’ format.
  • Notification if inventory or orders report from Amazon is empty.
  • Fixed a display error with  ’Exclude buckets based on their price’ with Use price+shipping unchecked.
  • Fixed a bug where fba labels were randomly not printing when quantity was split from quick add.
  • Fixed the bug where Seplus US was not updating the MinPrice imported from file.

Known issue:

  • The SellerEngine text import is causing an error. As a workaround—export it in Custom format leaving all fields marked for export. This is essentially the same thing as using the first export option.
  • If the pack slip header is not defined, users will experience an error when trying to print the pack slips from the orders section. In order to avoid this, users will have to go to File > Preferences > Order Settings and select a logo and a text for the header.

SellerEngine Plus 3.0.22 – September 11, 2012


  • We added a new filter to exclude buckets based on the number of listings in the bucket.
  • We added a new option for reference price at step 4 of the repricing wizard: weighted average price of the remaining buckets.
  • When the price referred in the limits is a flat amount, we added a checkbox to specify if that amount is with or without shipping included.
  • If an item has both New and Used BuyBox prices available, we are now displaying both. If the BuyBox price is referred in the repricing rule, we are using the one matching the inventory item condition. For example, if the inventory item condition is Used-Like New, we are using the Used BuyBox price in the repricing logic.

Bug fixes:

  • If the price referred to in the upper or lower limit is missing (e.g. Upper limit = BuyBox price, and there is no buy box) we just ignore that limit instead of considering the referred price to be zero, which was leading to incorrect results.
  • Fewer bug reports than before.
  • We fixed the bug causing the MegaSeller price to not be updated in the inventory grid.
  • The ‘Downloading orders’ popup can now be moved or minimized.
  • The error message shown in the Price Check tab for the ‘black x’ items is an issue on Amazon’s side where their API is failing to provide the data needed for repricing. In this case SE Plus will try again to retrieve data after a certain amount of time.
  • When opening an old database we are compacting it before upgrading.
  • We made some fixes to the filter: “Exclude buckets based on their price”: the checkbox “use Price+Shipping” was not working properly. Previously, you were not able to use “zero” in the percentage box.

SellerEngine Plus 3.0.19 – September 5, 2012

Bug fixes:

  • Pop-up description editing after scanning in Add works again.
  • Fixed an issue with checking MWS credentials after updating to work without a restart needed.
  • Quick Add should work for reasonably fast scanning without skipping items.
  • Sales Rank in FBA shipments no longer shows as ‘0’ when it is null.
  • Printing SKU and UPC labels automatically in Add has been fixed.
  • Addressed some issues with Automatic Updating.

SellerEngine Plus 3.0.18 – September 4, 2012

Bug fixes:

  • Price Check does not hang during fast scanning.
  • When scanning UPC barcodes in Quick Add, they are now saved in the UPC field.
  • Price status flags ‘Show Price too low/high’ now work correctly when referencing Recommended Price.
  • The price check status is no longer imported from backups, so backups can be imported correctly.
  • You can now reorder the columns in the price check grid and they stay after shutting down.
  • Some issues with Status: Bad XML received have been addressed.
  • Scanning in Quick add should not give you an exception message: Could not update; currently locked.
  • While auto repricing, orders are not automatically retrieved. This was causing errors.
  • Creating a new Database no longer causes errors.

Known Issues:

  • If items scanned in Quick Add are added before the ‘please wait’ pop up completes, some scans may be lost. Scanning too fast may lock up the software.
  • Auto upgrade does not work, but manual installation is fine

SellerEngine Plus 3.0.16 – August 30, 2012 (patch)

Important Note: Please compact your database from the File menu before upgrading!

Bug fixes:

  • “Download and import the last generated listings available on Amazon” is no longer importing sold items (the SKUs with a quantity of zero) for non-FBA users.
  • We fixed some issues with retrieving orders while automatic repricing is running
  • We fixed the “Preview Shipment has failed” errors occurring while scanning new items into a shipment after upgrade
  • We fixed the “Custom View tab from the Price Check”
  • Recommended Price column is now left blank if the repricer is not updating the price for certain items
  • We have fixed the Automatic Updates notification

SellerEngine Plus 3.0.15 – August 29, 2012

Note: If the “Mail Bug Report” feature does not work for you, manually save the bug report and send it as an attachment to

Note: An Amazon Pro Merchant account is now required to use SellerEngine Plus.

New Features:

  • SellerEngine Plus now makes use of the new Amazon MWS Products API.
  • Price +shipping is now available! You can define pricing rules to compete against the competition’s “total price”.
  • SellerEngine Plus now features improved stability and increased repricing speed. (~7,000 skus per hour)
  • The FBA version of SellerEngine Plus is now compatible with Amazon’s FBA Label Service. In Preferences > Shipment Settings, you can choose between Self Label and Label Service. Note that if you select “Amazon labels the items in the shipment” you need to have the Label Service enabled in your Amazon Seller Central account.
  • You have the option to download and import the last generated listings report available on Amazon. Now you don’t have to wait for a new report to be generated. Note that using this feature, you will not receive your most current inventory.
  • You can now delete a repricing schema from the Reprice Rules Wizard.
  • There is a new form called Shipping Credit in SellerEngine Plus Preferences, where you can edit the shipping credit you receive from Amazon for each category that you sell in. This is used in the repricing logic when you are referencing competition’s Price+Shipping.
  • New columns are available in the Inventory grid:  Megaseller price replaces Amazon price, Price+Shipping, My Shipping on Amazon, I have the Buy Box, BuyBox New Price + Shipping, BuyBox Used Price + Shipping, My Price + Shipping on Amazon.
  • Filtered competition is now faded out in the price check grid. This gives you a visual representation of how your repricing schema was applied.
  • BuyBox information is now available in the Price Check tab!
  • You can now define upper and lower pricing limits “before” or “after” filtering the competition

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug which was causing an error when trying to send shipments with SKUs containing special characters.
  • The database loads faster. We fixed the “not responding” message when loading or compacting a large database.
  • We fixed a memory leak on imports.
  • We increased the download timeout from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • We fixed various bugs related to the Item Type icon showing in the inventory grid. Now the item type icons are accurate.
  • Copying a database from another location and registering it in another SellerEngine Plus installation no longer loses pricing schemas mapping. We are now storing just the reprice rule name in the database without the full path.
  • We fixed a software crash which used to occur when navigating through the inventory using the arrows from the Edit dialog form.
  • We fixed the bug which was not allowing a SellerEngine Plus user to mark a shipment to Amazon as “Shipped” from SellerEngine right after it was sent to Amazon as “Working”.
  • We fixed a bug related to Import Duplicates wizard when importing a text file into SellerEngine. Now only the updated columns show up now in the wizard.
  • We fixed a bug which was causing the “not responding” error when trying to close the application with a mouse over the active application in the toolbar and selecting the red X to close it (Windows 7 64 bits).
  • We fixed a bug which was not allowing the users to delete the last inventory item from the grid until it was price checked.
  • We added the missing “refurbished” condition to the “only keep items in a specified condition” filter.

Known Changes:

  • If you select “Do not save buckets in the database” from the SellerEngine Plus Preferences > Debugging menu, the competition information is not showing in the price check grid, but the repricing is working correctly.
  • The Shipping fee which can be edited individually for each item in the Edit form is no longer used in the repricing logic. Shipping is now calculated automatically by the application based on the settings from Shipping credit . Shipping fee  was not removed from the item’s attributes yet for compatibility with previous versions reasons.

Known Issues:

  • The Log Price Check Errors in Debugging is not available.
  • The Lookup on Amazon feature now only returns 10 results due to limitations in the new Amazon API.
  • A Pro Merchant account is required to use SellerEngine Plus.

Due to changes in Amazon’s API, the following information about the competition is no longer available:

  • Sellers Identity, including Amazon
  • Quantity available from each seller
  • Star Rating information
  • Featured Merchant Status

Changes related to Amazon’s new API requirements:

The following Repricing rules filters are no longer available in the new version:

  • Exclude your items from the list. This filter is used by default in the new version; no need to be explicitly added.
  • Exclude an item if it’s sold by a specified seller
  • Only keep specific sellers

The following new filters are available now:

  • Keep buckets based on their “Lead Time to Ship”

Price Check tab changes:

The following columns are no longer available in the Price Check tab:

  • Nickname
  • Quantity
  • Star rating
  • Seller Comments

The following new columns are now available:

  • BuyBox/ MegaSeller
  • FBA
  • Lead Time to Ship
  • Shipping
  • Number of Listings
  • Multiple Listings at Lowest Price

Explanation of the new columns in the Inventory Grid:

My Price + Shipping on Amazon – this column is populated only if you have the item listed on Amazon. This is your total landed price, including shipping, as you have it listed on Amazon. This information comes from the Amazon API.

My Shipping on Amazon – this column is populated with your shipping credit, as you define it in SellerEngine Plus preferences. However, if the item is currently listed in your Amazon account, the shipping credit is overwritten with your actual shipping fee as it is returned by the Amazon API.

SellerEngine Plus 2.5.14 – August 9, 2012



  • We changed the time out for retrieving Amazon inventory files to 90 minutes.

SellerEngine Plus 2.5.12 – July 31, 2012 UK, DE only



  • When price checking items with the retrieve shipping option checked, the program no longer crashes.

SellerEngine Plus 2.5.11 – July 25, 2012


  • When scanning items using ‘Quick Add’ with a quantity greater than one, and that quantity gets divided among multiple shipments, labels for all shipments are printed.

SellerEngine Plus 2.5.9 – July 19, 2012

New Features:

  • ‘UserData’ is now a parameter when doing a search in the inventory grid.
  • Canceling a working shipment directly is now possible, there is no need to go through the intermediary status ‘shipped’.


  • There is not possible anymore to press the ‘cancel’ button while sending a shipment to Amazon, because this was causing errors.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing ‘cancel’ button while downloading orders.
  • When synchronizing with Amazon’s FBA shipments, SellerEngine Plus now pulls all the SKUs from that shipment and not just the first 200 SKUs.
  • We fixed a bug where UIEE import was not importing the condition correctly.
  • Issues with the GUI when adding items to a shipment in bulk, and the shipment is splitted have been addressed.
  • Synchronizing with Amazon now shows the shipment quantities in the FBA Shipments manager bottom panel.
  • We have improved the repricing speed.
  • The bug that occurred when compacting the database after changing ‘order status’ for any order has been fixed.
  • Fixed the bug causing the ‘Invalid pointer’ error when downloading an empty orders report.

Known Issues:

  •  The option to retrieve shipping for competition (no quantity) is no longer available in the US version due to changes.
  • If you scan an item in ‘Quick Add’ with a quantity greater than one, and that quantity gets divided among multiple shipments, not all labels for all shipments are printed at once.

SellerEngine Plus 2.5.4 – June 12, 2012

New Features:

  • SellerEngine Plus now uses MWS for all FBA activity.
  • When using automatic reprice, uploads now run every 25 minutes if there are changes to be uploaded. Previously this waited to gather 1000 items but this could take too much time.
  • We’ve Included FBA/MFN info in UIEE format export files for FillZ users.
  • You can now add compacting the database automatically after the auto reprice cycle ends.
  • You can now select a sound to play while using sorters.


  • You can now cancel a request for active listings.
  • Stopping a reprice is more stable and should take less time.
  • Synchronizing FBA shipments with Amazon is handled better.
  • Some items that errored when using ‘right click to add to shipment’ no longer error.
  • Issues with adding duplicate items have been fixed.
  • Focus of inventory no longer jumps back to the first item after repricing.
  • Fixed some issues with larger inventory and auto reprice.
  • Issues with being unable to access Amazon during repricing have been addressed.
  • The ‘Labels printed So Far’ column in FBA shipments now increments correctly.
  • Pick lists print the name of the artist if included on the order.

SellerEngine Plus 2.4.30 – April 25, 2012

New Features:

  • Added a Compact Database option to the Database manager under ‘Manage’ to allow compacting a database before opening it.


  • We have fixed an issue with the program crashing after editing MWS keys on all builds.
  • When retrieving used offers and all sellers are requested and using the ‘retrieve shipping cost’ all of the used offers are now retrieved.
  • Minimum price can now be imported from a custom file.
  • For music items, the Artist information is now populated in the Author column once again.
  • Add to Shipment can now be saved in templates.
  • Items that were not able to be added in Quick Add but could be entered in Add, now work through Quick Add.
  • Price in Shipment Grid view can be edited directly in the grid.
  • Using Quick Search or Ctrl + F does not crash the program.
  • Fixes for some items which would retrieve wrong biblio information for items.
  • Using lowercase letters in ASINs when adding inventory, or adding to shipment no longer causes FNSKU retrieval to fail.
  • Fixed weirdness with adding 0 quantity items to shipments.
  • Listed State column is now correctly importing values for imports other than SellerEngine formatted files.
  • FBA shipments now default to Working, instead of Shipped.

Known Issues:

  •  The ‘Labels printed so far’ column does not increment correctly.

SellerEngine Plus 2.4.23 – January 12, 2012


  • We have fixed an issue with FBA shipments that were in working status and adding more items to the shipment made the shipment retrieve a new shipment ID and therefore made the shipment unable to send.

Known Issues:

  • When resizing the Inventory view window you may have display issues. Click on the ‘Order’ tab, and back to the Inventory tab to restore the correct view.
  • When right clicking to add items into an FBA shipment and they have lowercase letters, the software is unable to retrieve an FNSKU and displays the error ‘Invalid ASIN’. Please edit the erroring ASINs to use capital letters in order to use right click add to shipment, or use Quick Add to add these items properly.

SellerEngine Plus 2.4.22 – January 10, 2012

New Features:

  • We have automated the process of Splitting FBA Shipments – If some of your items or quantities are diverted to a different Fulfilment Center, SellerEngine Plus creates a new shipment automatically and splits your inventory based on Amazon’s requirements.


  • We have fixed an issue with retrieving orders when SellerEngine Plus is set to automatically retrieve orders. The orders are now correctly imported in this case.
  • Fixed the issue when uploading selected items from only sending only the first item to send all the selected items when ‘First get orders to update sold quantities’ is selected.
  • The total price for items with a quantity more than 1 is now correct in orders and packslips.
  • Fixed manually editing price and quantity directly in the inventory grid as sometimes this would cause focus to jump around previously.
  • SellerEngine Plus no longer ignores Amazon when repricing as a rule. You can set this in the exceptions if you wish.
  • Fixed issues with the reprice log displaying incorrect information when the pricing sent to Amazon and shown in the inventory grid were correct.
  • We have addressed some issues where the application was erroring during auto repricing.
  • When using ‘Only keep these sellers’ in a filter, you can now enter a Seller ID or Nickname.
  • Made some error messages received when sending shipments to be easier to understand and what action to take to resolve the issues.
  • The Automatic reprice flag is now exported in the complete SellerEngine Plus inventory export.

Known Issues:

  • When resizing the Inventory view window you may have display issues. Click on the ‘Order’ tab, and back to the Inventory tab to restore the correct view.