1. Leonard

    hello, i plan to sell watches on amazon. amazon has approved my application for selling watches (which is a restricted category). However, i have tried couple times to get approval for selling a gated watch brand but not successful. i have followed amazon’s instructions to provide required documents for their review but they keep rejecting my application. i am a new seller, does it matter? what should i do so that i can have the right to sell those gated brand watches?

  2. Mustafa


    Could you please explain how do you go about with ungating in beauty category.

    • Iulia Talanga

      Hi Mustafa,

      I have addressed your question to our Services Department and you will be contacted shortly via e-mail by one of our experts to set up a call and discuss more.

      Thank you for following our post.

      SellerEngine Team

  3. Simran

    Could you help ungating on few items/categories?

  4. Irina

    Hi, Simran!
    Thank you for your comment! We can definitely help with the ungating process.
    We’ll shoot you an email right away to get in touch and better understand your case.

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