Amazon Account Rescue

Ok, so you’ve made a few mistakes and Amazon shut down your business

There’s no reason why that should be the end of your selling activity! Getting one’s selling rights reinstated can be a difficult task to accomplish, but it’s certainly not impossible. With the right preparation to lead to a good reinstatement request, and a solid structure to back you up, you can be up and running again with minimal damage to your business.

Acknowledging the problem

In most cases when Amazon accounts get suspended, merchants have a hard time understanding the ins and outs of the decision. The reasons which led to their selling rights being taken away are not always easy to identify, and a plan of action to correct them isn’t easy to build. Even when sellers have an idea of what brought them to the account closure, they don’t find it easy to put together an explanation that actually gets through to Amazon. This is where we come in.

Our Account Reinstatement Package starts with a free review of your selling activity. This means:

  • We investigate all negative feedback to pinpoint their reasons.
  • We check out your performance metrics and buyer communication.
  • We verify all previous notifications and warnings from Amazon, your replies and their response to your explanations.

Working to fix the problem

After we develop a general idea of what the root causes of the suspension are, we move forward toward getting you reinstated. More often than not, merchants need to do some cleaning or brushing up of their past activity before actually trying to persuade Amazon to reverse their decision:
  • If your suspension is performance-related, we take over customer support and account management to get your account metrics up before appealing.
  • We discuss all relevant information about your business practices, from ordering and sourcing, to inventory and fulfillment.
  • We suggest what actions to take, inventory or business-wise, before the appeal is sent.
  • We signal the changes you need to make in the way you manage your Amazon account for the future.
  • We write the appeal letter with the right structure; focusing on identifying the problems, while building the solid arguments Amazon requires from you

We charge nothing to review your activity, no matter how vast your selling history. 

If you’re in the difficult position of having your account suspended, the last thing you need is to worry about cause identification, plan structure and building yourself. You can have our representative take over the difficult process of getting you back in business, while you only monitor the process and focus on means to minimize damages.

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The pricing for the Account Rescue Service starts at $500.

Amazon Listing Reinstatement

If it is only a listing suspension notice you wish to appeal, we can definitely help you with that. The process will follow the same steps as for the Account Rescue: we’ll run a review of your selling activity on the item/items in the notification, then identify the root causes behind the suspension, put together a plan of action for you and send suggestions to use for future reference.

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