Account Rescue

If your selling account has been suspended by Amazon, fear not, we can help!

Don’t let an Amazon suspension be the end of your selling career. Getting your selling rights reinstated can be a difficult task, but it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, we help sellers get their accounts reinstated and get back to selling every day. With the right preparation and a solid structure to back it, you can be up and selling again soon with minimal damage to your business.

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Amazon suspended my account. What do I do?

In many cases of account suspension, sellers have a hard time understanding the reason for the decision and why their selling rights are being taken away. These reasons are not always easy to identify and Amazon’s requirements for a plan of action to get reinstated are specific and difficult to put together. This is where we come in.
Your account rescue assessment is FREE, with no obligation. If we can’t help you, we won’t charge you.

Our free assessment includes:

  • Investigation of all negative feedback to pinpoint problem areas and processes
  • Checking your performance metrics and buyer communication
  • Verifying all previous notifications, warnings, and communication exchanges from Amazon

Our Account Reinstatement Package starts with a free review of your selling activity. This means:

  • We investigate all negative feedback to pinpoint their reasons.
  • We check out your performance metrics and buyer communication.
  • We verify all previous notifications and warnings from Amazon, your replies and their response to your explanations.

The pricing for this service starts at $500

Let’s get you reinstated and back to selling

After we understand the root causes for the suspension, we create a plan of action to get you reinstated. More often than not, accounts will need to be in the best standing possible before trying to persuade Amazon to reverse their suspension decision. This means resolving previous issues and notifications before you send an appeal.

Here’s how we help

If your suspension is performance related, we work to correct bad and neutral feedbacks to get your account metrics within Amazon’s targets before appealing
We discuss all relevant information about your business practices, from ordering and sourcing, to inventory and fulfillment, and suggest what actions to take, inventory or business-wise, before the appeal is sent.

We identify problem areas and explain the changes you need to make in the way you manage your Amazon account moving forward
We write the appeal letter with the right structure; focusing on identifying the problems, while building the solid arguments Amazon requires


We craft each appeal and plan of action to fit each unique business we work with and we never use templates.

Unlike some companies, who plug your data into a templated appeal, we carefully handcraft each appeal based on the issue at hand. You’ll be working with professionals, who will get to know your business in order to provide you with the highest level of personalized service.

We charge nothing to review your activity, no matter how vast your selling history.

When you’re in the difficult position of having your account suspended, the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to “speak Amazon’s language”. Our representatives can take over the process of identifying the issues, structuring a Plan of Action, and building the appeal. Leave the hard work to us.

Pricing for Amazon Account Rescue Service starts at $500.

Amazon Listing Reinstatement

If you only need to appeal an Amazon listing suspension, we can help with that as well. The process is similar to the Account Rescue service: we’ll run a review of your selling activity on the item(s) in the notification, identify the root causes behind the suspension, put together a plan of action, and send suggestions for improvement to ensure success moving forward.

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