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Ready to launch your private label sales and profits to new levels?

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Are you repricing your private label items against similar products sold by other private label sellers?

Amazon Private Label sales are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. Make sure you aren’t left behind by missing out on this unique Amazon business model. Better yet, stay ahead of your competition as you increase your sales and profits with Sellery’s customizable and tailored private label repricing features.

Automated repricing sometimes has negative connotations of chasing competitors, creating price wars, and driving prices down.  But, for private label sellers, it's different.  It's about maximizing profits and optimizing sales velocity. And staying competitive within the landscape of similar offers from other private label sellers. 

An increase in sales velocity is a good opportunity to raise your price and take advantage of higher profits. The best way to achieve these strategies is in the customization of Sellery's private label features. Compete across different catalog pages to ensure you remain competitive and keep your brand visible.

Optimize your price using sales velocity and cross-ASIN data

Accelerate your private label sales, profit, and brand with Sellery

A must-have feature in any private label seller’s arsenal. And Sellery makes it a very easy, straightforward, and automated process. Here’s how it works:

* Identify like listings that exist on different catalog pages. Research on Amazon to see the kinds of similar listings that come up when you do product keyword searches that match your item.
*Select the sellers/listings you want to include in your repricing logic.
* Set up strategies for your own price using those other price values as upper and lower limits or based on the averages or lowest prices of the other similar offers. 

An increase in sales and demand is a good opportunity to raise your price and take advantage of higher profits. The best way to achieve this strategy is to set parameters for sales velocity thresholds in your repricing logic. For example, you tell Sellery, “if my sales velocity goes beyond 15 sales per week, increase my price by 1%”. 

This allows you to take advantage of spikes in sales velocity at higher profit margins automatically. Sellery will continue to increase your price while you continue to get all those sales at much higher profits.

This same strategy can be applied to slow moving items. If an item is selling, for example, less than 1 unit per week, you can incrementally discount your price until you find a price point that generates sales.

Cross-ASIN Competition

Leveraging Sales Velocity

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